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  • Robins Sets Sites on New Campaign

    More than 30 Team Robins members participated in a special event Sept. 12 as part of an ongoing campaign focusing on resiliency.In a darkened room in Bldg. 610, visitors briefly wrote several sentences on poster board explaining what makes them resilient - defined as the ability to withstand,

  • Home away from Home: Ready for the next step

    During the next several months, Robins Public Affairs will document the programmed depot maintenance of one C-130H from Yokota Air Base, Japan. We'll highlight various stages of the process, telling the stories of the people and   organizations which make the mission happen here every day.  It takes

  • Ensuring Robins, state equipped with future STEM pros

    It's never too early to start training the future engineering and scientific workforce of Robins Air Force Base. To that end, base recruiters, local educators and school administrators gathered Sept. 12 for a conference at the Museum of Aviation to discuss ways to increase students' excitement about

  • Weighing in on the good and bad: Some fats are healthier than others

    The holidays will be here much quicker than you think.More than likely, you'll be surrounded by family, friends and plenty of good food.Much of that food can be high in fat, and learning which fats are naughty and which are nice to your health can empower you to make smarter food choices.First,

  • Combat proven: Complex sole repair source for sniper pods

    You can run, but you can't hide. When there's a 450-pound, electro-optical targeting system strapped under an F-15 Eagle following your every ground movement, there are few, if any places, on the planet to seek cover. After all, these eyes in the sky can provide situational awareness and

  • Answering the call: 5th MOB there in face of tragedy

    The 5th Combat Communications Group is known for its versatile, rapid and integral brand of emergency response, regardless of location and circumstances. That's why it was no wonder they were some of the first called when disaster struck in a heavily forested, mountainous region in western Virginia

  • 'Until They Come Home'

    Though many of us may never fully understand what they endured, Team Robins and the local community will have a chance to formally honor America's prisoners of war and those missing in action. The Robins POW/MIA organization's annual recognition ceremony will be Thursday at 3 p.m. in the Museum of

  • Military Retiree Appreciation weekend scheduled for Sept. 26

    The Retiree Activities Office is sponsoring its annual Military Retiree Appreciation Weekend Sept. 26 through 28. The event offers Robins Air Force Base and community partners an opportunity to recognize and provide information to the retired military population. A job fair at the Heritage Club