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  • Robins home to Southeast’s first-of-its-kind solar technology

    Robins has been a leader in testing alternative power technologies, but perhaps no other effort has been as visible to the general base populace as a solar panel that was just installed. The gleaming panel, about the size of a drive-in movie screen, cannot be missed by anyone heading down Robins

  • Enhancing performance with VPP

    Unless you've been completely unplugged for the past year it's doubtful that, as a member of Team Robins, you have not, at least in passing, heard of the Voluntary Protection Program. Commonly known as VPP, the initiative, sometimes considered as just another safety program, has seen its efforts

  • Marine squadron continues preparation for Robins transfer

    Robins got a small taste last week of how life is going to be a little different around here starting next summer. Marines from Light Attack Helicopter Squadron-773 flew an AH-1 Super Cobra here Dec. 11 to test out landing areas on the flightline. It was part of the preparations for the unit's

  • Robins Airmen help Macon hospital in disaster exercise

    A group of Airmen at Robins volunteered to be in a building collapse last week - a theoretical one, that is. The Airmen traveled to Macon on Dec. 10 to participate in an exercise by the Medical Center of Central Georgia in which it was training to deal with mass injuries and chemical exposure. The

  • Life-like manikin helps clinic training program

    Somewhere deep in the bowels of the clinic at Robins, a patient is in trouble. Lying on a bed in a room that is about the size of a walk-in closet, he is breathing laboriously. "I feel like I could die," he moans. His vital signs, shown on a computer monitor, are badly skewed. He is in the middle of

  • Environmental stewardship driving force behind new, unique parking lot

    Parking lots don't have to be vast expanses of water-shedding, heat- reflecting pavement. A new 22-vehicle parking lot at Robins incorporates two environmentally friendly concepts intended to reduce water runoff and protect waterways from the drain-off that can come from standard parking lots. In

  • Robins EW activities play major role in Lifecycle Management Group mission

    More taxpayer dollars are being invested in electronic warfare than ever before, and the EW Lifecycle Management Group, or LCMG, is working hard to help ensure this money is being spent intelligently and prudently. The LCMG is a virtual organization led in part by the 542nd Combat Sustainment Group

  • Tech school students get hands-on experience at Museum of Aviation

    Most of the planes that come to the Museum of Aviation are a far sight from being ready for display. Upon arrival, the planes often look more like they are ready to be taken to an aircraft junkyard than to serve as representatives of aviation history. They go through a painstaking process that

  • C-27J JCA team shows off new training operations center

    A new cargo plane with short landing and takeoff capability promises to save the lives of warfighters by reducing the need for ground convoys in dangerous areas, and the pilots who will fly it will be trained here. On Wednesday officials from a broad coalition that includes Air Force, Army, industry