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  • 689th CCW performs well in CI, ORI

    The 689th Combat Communications Wing at Robins received an overall grade of "complies with comments" on its CI, or compliance inspection, which ended Wednesday. The 5th Combat Communications Group received overall grades of "satisfactory" on an operational readiness inspection and "complies with

  • CHPing away at illness

    A small office at Robins is a strong promoter of the "ounce of prevention" theory when it comes to health, except it offers a lot more than an ounce. The four people in the Civilian Health Promotion Services office, or CHPS, are employees of Federal Occupational Health, working under contract with

  • Robins Airman wounded in attack earns Purple Heart

    A Robins Airman was awarded the Purple Heart after surviving a suicide-bomber blast at an army base in Afghanistan. Capt. Jordan Lindeke, a 78th Medical Group flight commander, was among 18 people injured in the Dec. 5 explosion at the army base in Gardez. Two NATO servicemembers and at least two

  • New Center commander shares vision

    Imagine serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan or Iraq. After six months away from home and family, living in extreme weather conditions, facing constant danger, and counting the days until rest and recuperation leave, it's time to fly home. You are on the airfield expecting to get on a plane and, in

  • Computers to replace paper technical orders on flightline

    Within the next four years, laptop computers will be as important to aircraft mechanics here as wrenches and screwdrivers. Many Robins mechanics are leading the way in the first test of "e-tools." That's the term used for the 300 laptops deployed on the flightline in the last 12 months to help

  • New technology could save base millions

    "All systems are green. Power core registers stable. Initiate the plasma arc!" This techno-babble sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but the actual technology may be right around the corner for Robins. Plasma arc technology offers environmentally-safe measures for waste disposal.

  • Base program helps those with alcohol, drug issues

    Parties are a big part of the holiday tradition, and they often include alcohol. For some people, a good time can turn into a bad time when the wrong decisions are made. Robins Airmen who get a DUI are referred to the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Prevention Treatment program, or ADAPT. The program, part

  • C-17 area gets perfect score

    In the fiscal year which ended Sept. 30, the 562nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron recorded its first-ever perfect on-time delivery rate. It worked on 37 aircraft and completed every one on time. Some may say that's not surprising. During the last 10 years, the 562nd has fallen short of its 95-percent

  • Green Street gate now open 24 hours on weekdays

    A switch has been made in gate hours during the closure of the Watson Boulevard gate with Gate 1, the Green Street gate, becoming the 24-hour gate Monday through Friday. The Watson gate is closed for construction through Jan. 21. Gate 5, the Martin Luther King Boulevard gate, will remain the 24-hour