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  • ‘Now is the time’

    Ongoing budget challenges, resiliency and force management were the topics of discussion during an Aug. 27 All Call conducted by Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger, Air Force Materiel Command commander. "If you were to ask me the question as a senior leader what I think is our biggest challenge - it's our

  • Air Force Ball tickets now available

    It's comprised of more than 3,000 combat aircraft and 300,000 active duty Airmen - by far the largest in the world. So, when it comes to birthdays, what do you get for an Air Force that has it all? Honoring America's wounded warriors is a fitting way to start. "A Hero's Welcome," is the theme of

  • Immigrants who serve share their journeys

    He didn't wear the right clothes, and the other kids at school picked on him because of the way he talked. What did they expect? After all, his parents worked sewing clothes in what was essentially a sweatshop, the only job they could find for those who spoke no English, the kind of place that

  • Family Child Care Program offers safe home-like environment to grow

    Parenthood is a gargantuan job. Throw in the additional challenges that come with serving in the military, and you've got yourself a litany of urgent responsibilities and one frenzied life. But the Robins Family Care Center is here to help alleviate the tough task of finding a well-qualified

  • Looking for a chance to show your resiliency?

    When things get tough, what do you do to get through your day at work or at home? If you had an opportunity to write a very simple sentence on what makes you resilient, how would it read? A special event will take place Sept. 12 that will give members of the Team Robins family a chance to highlight

  • Base celebrates unity, cultural differences

    The Heritage Club Ballroom was alive with a harmonious buzz. Tuesday with the United through Diversity Luncheon, a highlight of what has been a month-long celebration of cultural differences. The event included artwork, memorabilia and other displays from various ethnic and social groups,

  • SecAF makes first visit to Robins Air Force Base

    Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James visited Robins Air Force Base this week to get an up close look at the installation's diverse and dynamic missions.This was the Secretary's first visit to the installation, where she spent two days touring several areas of Georgia's largest industrial

  • CMXG C-130 long flaps shop highlights process discipline

    Continuous process improvements have yielded successful outcomes in the 574th Commodities Maintenance Squadron's production of C-130 outer wing long flaps. Using an innovative process known as The AFSC Way, the team has forged ahead using the standard systems approach that enables personnel at any