Robins Sets Sites on New Campaign

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
More than 30 Team Robins members participated in a special event Sept. 12 as part of an ongoing campaign focusing on resiliency.

In a darkened room in Bldg. 610, visitors briefly wrote several sentences on poster board explaining what makes them resilient - defined as the ability to withstand, recover and grow in the face of stressors and changing demands.

As a videographer captured the moment, some wrote about participating in sports and community groups, while others gave spiritual thanks or highlighted overcoming painful memories. 

Valerie Tubb, a propulsion support equipment specialist, carried a framed photograph of her boyfriend, an Army staff sergeant stationed at Fort Benning, Ga.

"He teaches me every day that no matter what life throws at you, you can get through it," she said. "You can bounce back from anything no matter how trying a situation gets. He told me once that I'm the most resilient person he knows, but the fact is he makes me that way."             

Staff Sgt. Davon Taylor attended resiliency training at a prior base, and said there's good information for every Airman to explore. Taylor stays connected by being involved in sports, and enjoys walking his dog Cece to help him unwind. 

"One thing that's important is to build your social life, which can help you be resilient," said Taylor, a 78th Command Post senior controller. "I hear people say sometimes there's nothing to do around here, but you have to change your outlook on what you're looking for. There's always something to do." 

The ongoing "I am Resilient Because ..." campaign is part of an interactive, community-based effort to promote the four pillars of Comprehensive Airmen Fitness - mental, physical, social and spiritual.

Jay Breyer, an Army veteran, is a logistics management specialist who works with C-17 Foreign Military Sales. He stressed the need to find the right mix when it comes to CAF.  

"I think balance is one of the keys to being really resilient because you can overdo anything," he said. "I try to keep a good balance in my life with family, friends, church activities and exercise."

There are many helping agencies across Robins that can assist Airmen, from the Exceptional Family Member Program and base chapel, to services with the Airmen & Family Readiness Center and Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. 

A desktop icon with important numbers is available by clicking on Helping Agencies on your computer.

"Strength arises from using a balance of the four pillars of wellness to take care of ourselves during difficult times, so that we can then be available to our family, friends, fellow Wingmen and the mission," said Capt. Nicole Campbell, Robins Air Force Base Suicide Prevention Program manager.

"Our community is comprised of individuals who embody this type of strength," she added. "This campaign intends to share with the installation the lessons learned from our community members' own experiences of successfully dealing with adversity, and to encourage those who have not yet participated to get their story out as well."