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  • Team JSTARS flexes at Red Flag

    When it comes to realistic air-to-air combat training, Air Force members who live and breathe aboard some of the world's most advanced military weapon systems got a chance last month to test some of their skills. Red Flag exercises were conducted in January above the skies of Nellis Air Force Base's

  • EFA lab masters problem solving

    What goes on inside any given building at Robins Air Force Base isn't exactly posted on the doors. But behind every bland façade, every secured gate, lie the countless stories of unsung heroes, quietly playing their integral parts in keeping us safe. The Electronic Failure Analysis Laboratory - a

  • Training vital for a position in Robins Air Traffic Control Tower

    First, there's training. Then there's making the critical decisions that impact lives in the air. Such is life in the tower cab of the Robins Air Traffic Control Tower. But before one has the privilege of making those decisions, one must first validate the acquired knowledge in the tower's

  • CHPS screenings help Robins keep check on their health

    With its quick and frequent on-base screenings, the Civilian Health Promotion Service is helping Robins Air Force Base's people make time for their health. CHPS, an Air Force Materiel Command-wide program since 2005, holds blood pressure screenings in various locations base-wide each week. While

  • Federal acquisition forum goal to demystify process

    Gaining perspective into the intricacies of the federal acquisition process at Robins was the goal of Wednesday's forum conducted at the Mercer Engineering Research Center in Warner Robins. Including base contracting leaders, an audience of more than 60 representatives from industry gathered to

  • Airman convicted of sexual assault

    A Team Robins service member was convicted late Saturday of sexually assaulting a female airman from his own unit. The defendant, a 16th Airborne Command Control Squadron senior airman, was sentenced to five years confinement in a general court martial convened by Lt. Gen. Bruce Litchfield, Air

  • Transportation incentives keep moving along

    For the past few years, some Robins employees have found getting to and from work less of a challenge thanks to mass transit - but the wheels of progress are still rolling. Currently in the works, a new feature proposed by the Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority known as Park and Ride, would consist

  • Volunteers ‘exhibit’ various skill sets

    Bob Denison has an undeniable passion for airplanes. His attachment to them goes all the way back to the day he began aircraft maintenance school, just after graduating Air Force basic training in 1954. Today, the retired master sergeant can be found at the Museum of Aviation restoring some of the

  • Reducing stress can save your life

    Looming deadlines, coworker conflicts and unexpected tasks - all of these can be summed up in one word - stress. Under stress, the body releases adrenaline into the blood stream, causing one's heart rate and blood pressure to increase temporarily. A body that's constantly under stress doesn't get

  • Robins C-17 Combined Program Office provides project oversight

    Currently there are efforts to convert existing paper technical manuals for the C-17 weapon system that will not only save money but reduce man hours, creating further efficiencies across the Air Force. The C-17 Combined Program Office at Robins, in partnership with Boeing, is working to implement