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  • Robins’ F-15 FMS enterprise has worldwide reach

    The F-15 Foreign Military Sales Branch at Robins provides sustainment and logistics support to partner nations across the globe. The program currently has five partner nations that include Saudi Arabia, Israel, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. It currently provides $4.86 billion worth of

  • Middle Georgia CFC ends Nov. 14

    This year's Middle Georgia Combined Federal Campaign, ends in two weeks, and this year, Robins' goal is $1 million. The campaign gives everyone an opportunity to support charities that face financial uncertainty every day, said Walter Wolfe, Robins CFC chair. "Donating through the CFC offers three

  • Team Robins getting ‘iT’ together

    It has been one year since "iT" appeared.  "iT" is sexual assault, and is referred to this way because it's either an uncomfortable topic or too painful to discuss. The genderless, faceless symbol, posted at entry control points across Robins, will soon be replaced with permanent metal signs.  The

  • Not everyone’s your friend online

    Remember, anyone on the Internet can be watching, and practicing operations security is everyone's responsibility.There has been renewed emphasis on the responsible use of social media as it relates to force protection, according to a recent Air Forces Northern advisory.Basically, be cautious of

  • Taking a shot at prevention

    Like most people, Team Robins members don't want to get influenza - and the high number of base-wide vaccination efforts prove it.  In conjunction with the 78th Air Base Wing's objective of maximizing the number of civilian employees getting flu shots, more onsite vaccinations have been provided at

  • Annual forum yields progress for Robins, AF

    Year after year, the Caring for People Forum proves it's not only concerned with discussing quality-of-life issues affecting Airmen and their families, but committed to implementing sustained action.  Earlier this month, representatives assigned to work improvement plans derived from the April forum

  • Stripped Away: C-130 readied for inspection as workers disassemble parts

    Home away from Home - Over the next several months, The Rev-Up will document the programmed depot maintenance of a C-130H during its time at the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex. We'll highlight   various stages of the PDM process, telling the stories    of the people and organizations behind

  • Ebola - The Facts

    According to the World Health Organization, more than 8,900 people have contracted Ebola since March in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone, making the current outbreak the most severe on record. More than 4,400 people have died.A person can't get Ebola