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  • Air Base Alligators

    Swimming and wading is not permitted in any body of water on Robins AFB.Alligators are most active between dusk and dawn. Unless handled, alligators less than four feet in length are not large enough to pose a significant threat.Please be aware, nuisance alligators are killed, not relocated.Never

  • It's here! Global Hawk makes historic unmanned flight to Robins

    The RQ-4 Global Hawk has landed at Robins. The arrival of this unmanned aerial vehicle marks the first time an aircraft of this type has flown to an Air Force Air Logistics Complex.Robins will provide an organic paint capability. This work is necessary to prevent corrosion and deterioration of the

  • Safety Break: Team Robins Fall Protection Safety Week

    The Team Robins Quest for Zero Fall Protection Focus is to raise awareness of fall hazards and prevent fall-related mishaps. The week is designed to focus on activities accomplished on- and off-duty at levels above ground and on the ground. The Fall Protection Focus draws attention to avoidable

  • Fitness Month: The benefits of physical activity

    May is National Physical Activity Month, and while it’s no secret that regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health we can all use a reminder of just what the exact benefits are.  Regular physical activity can help: · Manage weight · Reduce the risk of

  • Robins’ 2017 Police Week to kick off with May 12 event

    Service before self – it’s a well-known part of the Airman’s Creed. But, for police officers, it’s a motto to live by, and one some police officers have lost their lives exemplifying. National Police week will be observed May 15 through 19. Golf TournamentTeam Robins will kick off the occasion a bit

  • Meet me at the market

    Many at Robins Air Force Base know the base’s Health Promotions team, formerly known as the Health and Wellness Center, as a go-to source for all things healthy.Robins’ Health Promotions and helping agencies will partner with community counterparts to host the 2017 Robins AFB & International City

  • Global Hawk

    The first flight of an RQ-4 Global Hawk coming to Robins is scheduled for May 10. The arrival of this unmanned aerial vehicle marks the first time an aircraft of this type has flown to an Air Force air logistics complex. This initial aircraft is arriving for depaint /paint refurbishment. Plus, the

  • Making Your Move

    Most people that regularly workout take their fitness fairly seriously.While the Robins Air Force Base Fitness Center takes its role of providing a state-of-the-art fitness facility seriously, its staff is taking a fun approach to getting the center’s patrons to exercise more as part of May Fitness