Safety Break: Team Robins Fall Protection Safety Week

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  • Robins Safety Office

The Team Robins Quest for Zero Fall Protection Focus is to raise awareness of fall hazards and prevent fall-related mishaps. The week is designed to focus on activities accomplished on- and off-duty at levels above ground and on the ground.

The Fall Protection Focus draws attention to avoidable mishaps due to falls and reminds Team Robins and their family members what they can do to avoid fall-related injuries. 

Information will be provided in a range of outlets throughout the week. 

During this focus week, every individual or unit should take some time to review fall hazards in their workplace and at home. The main cause of these mishaps is personnel not being aware of their surroundings. 

Situational awareness must be a priority for all personnel at Robins, and we must continually increase our efforts to promote a base-wide culture where safety is an integral part of everything we do. 

Commanders, directors, civilian leaders and supervisors set the safety attitude within their units and work centers by ensuring their personnel know the expectations when it comes to safety on and off the job. Supervisors, in particular, need to know and understand they are accountable for the overall safety within their work centers.  During the Fall Protection Focus week, we have provided various training materials for your use to enhance your safety and health program. 

We strongly encourage you to use these training materials during your work center safety meetings and briefings. Information can be found at the link below on the Team Robins Safety SharePoint Site:  

Editor's note: As part of this week's focus, the 78th Air Base Wing Safety Office requests each unit submit the number of personnel trained to the 78 ABW/SE Workflow at by May 31. If you have trouble accessing the materials or if you have any questions, please call Kat Blakley at 468-5655 or 468-6271.