Making Your Move

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs

Most people that regularly workout take their fitness fairly seriously.

While the Robins Air Force Base Fitness Center takes its role of providing a state-of-the-art fitness facility seriously, its staff is taking a fun approach to getting the center’s patrons to exercise more as part of May Fitness Month.

John Enterman, Fitness and Sports manager at Robins AFB Fitness Center, said this year’s Kick-off will be the 4-Hour Squadron Run on Robins’ new Warrior Track &Field.

“Each participating squadron will have one person (representative) on the track running accumulating distance at a time,” he said. “The squadron with the farthest distance in 4 hours will be the winner. Winners will receive a trophy and participant squadron will receive commander trophy points.”

The center will also host the Exercise Around the World Challenge, a month-long incentive program that allows patrons to exercise while simulating traveling the world.

The schedule will be:

  • Week 1: Row across the English Channel - 20.7 miles

  • Week 2: Climb Mount Everest - 5.50 miles –

  • Week 3: Run/Walk the Nullarbor Plain - 1242 miles

  • Week 4: Swim the Amazon River - 4,345 miles

“Patrons earn miles for minutes of exercise which allows them to explore different world wonders each week,” Enterman said.

Enterman said the month’s big event will be “FITnopoly,” a game similar to the classic Monopoly, where patrons earn tickets for completing certain fitness challenges in hopes of earning big and small prizes.

“Monopoly Swim Challenge is a month-long challenge for swimmers,” he said. “The game mirrors traditional Monopoly. Each day swimmers roll dice and land on challenges they must complete to earn points.”

Additionally, the Fitness Center will host the following events throughout May:

  • Volleyball Tournament

  • Ping Pong Tournament

  • Racquetball Tournament

  • Flag Football Tournament – 5 person teams, 10 minute games, 4 downs to score, 1 man

    Blitz, and No Contact

  • NFL Combine Challenge –

  • Includes: 40 Yard Dash, Bench Press (185 Repetitions), Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 20 Yard Shuttle

  • Fit to Fight –Circuit/Interval Training with a variety of exercise in a variety of locations Fitness Class held all month long Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1100-1200

  • Stairway to Health Challenge – Using Stair Mills – most floors climbed in 20 mins

  • Bench Press Competition – Participants will be given 3 attempts with highest weight achieved recorded

  • 3-Point Shootout Contest – Basketball contest

  • 3 Legged 4x1 Relay Race – Teams (2 members strapped together at the ankle) will complete One 400 meter lap around the track, handing baton off to team members every 100 meters

  • Wallyball Tournament

  • Power Lifting Competition

  • Pickleball Clinic- a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis

  • Cardio Tennis –Heart Pumping Cardio while learning Tennis strategies

  • Chiefs Group 5K Run


    Enterman said physical fitness among the military and civilian workforce of Robins is key to success.

    “Physical fitness is one of the key components to a successful military,” he said. “The pace of current world events demand long hours and hard work from all branches of the armed forces. Above average physical fitness allows the individual military member to maintain optimal health levels as well as avoid injury, disease, and obesity.

    “This is the major driving force behind physical fitness in the armed forces,” Enterman said.  “A healthy force is 100% mission capable. The mission requires support from every essential military member and that population must be healthy to be successful in mission completion.”

    For more information on the base’s May Fitness Month events, call the Robins Fitness Center at 478-926-2128.


Fitnopoly Rules

FITnopoly (Mirrors Monopoly) is a Board Game that we created this year to encourage our Patrons to exercise.


Monopoly Rules


1.  Players roll dice and move along their game sheet

2.  If a player lands on a property, electric company, or water works, the player can either get one ticket if player does own workout or can earn three tickets if player does challenge for that space.

Note: if player chooses challenge the player can complete it within the month but will not be giving tickets until completed.

3. To earn a monopoly all matching property colors must be completed with at least one challenge completed. Every time you land on your monopoly you will earn 2 additional tickets for the day.

4.   If you land on a space you have been on before but have not completed the monopoly you will earn 1 ticket for the day.

5. You will earn a ticket every time you pass GO. If go to Jail you will not earn any tickets-sorry.

6.   If you land on chance you need to complete what is on the chance card in addition to your workout.

7.  Land on Community chest you win a special prize.

8.  Land on Visiting Jail or free parking earn 2 tickets for attending specialty event or 1 ticket for your own workout

9. You can attend specialty or group fitness classes anytime to earn a ticket but you only earn additional tickets for these activities if you land on the appropriate spaces.

*NOTE: The Fitness Center Staff must sign your sheet daily.