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  • AFMC launches WorkLife4You!

    This is a new service bundled with our long-standing AFMC Employee Assistance Program. WorkLife4You is available for civilian employees and their families.Work/Life Specialists are available 24/7 to provide expert consultations and help you find quality child care, adult care, adoption resources,

  • Flu season is here

    Flu season is upon us, and the 78th Medical Group is working diligently on its 2016 Flu Campaign. As vaccines arrive, the Immunizations Clinic will focus first on the active duty population. Once the active duty population is immunized, the clinic will open availability to dependent and retirees.

  • Wingman Weekend kicks off Friday

    We encourage you to join us for the first ever Wingman Weekend. we will offer a variety 78th Air Base Wing-hosted Wingman Day Events on Friday, and Team Robins members can bring their families out to experience the fun at the 7th Annual Fall Bash on Saturday.

  • Important Message for Team Robins Motorists

    A military construction project will require closures of each of the gates beginning at the end of this month. BEGINNING OCT. 31, The Russell Parkway Gate will be closed to both inbound and outbound traffic. The MLK Gate will be opened the same hours that Russell is normally open and will have five

  • Crew chief relives heyday in F-4

    Don Otting hasn’t seen the F-4 Phantom II for about 50 years. On Oct. 3, the former crew chief was reunited at the Museum of Aviation with the aircraft he was in charge of during the Vietnam War.“When I rotated back to the states, I had heard it had been shot down,” Otting said.In fact, it had

  • Show Some Love: CFC is in full swing

    The 2016 Robins Combined Federal Campaign active campaign period is in full swing and will continue through Nov. 10.This year’s theme is “Show Some Love.” The goal this year is $1 million, with 100 percent contact with members of Team Robins.“The men and women that work at Robins Air Force Base have

  • TRICARE updates

    The following updates are provided for Team Robins TRICARE users.

  • DOD civilians, service members must remain non-partisan, apolitical

    Service members and Defense Department civilians swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. It doesn’t matter who is elected or what party that person represents. DOD personnel will follow the lawful orders of the commander in chief.