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  • Partnerships continue to bring base, community together

    Since Robins began participating in the Air Force Community Partnership Program, the base has continued to explore ways to partner with organizations that share the same interests.The program was created to explore cost-saving opportunities through partnerships and shared services between bases and

  • Emerging Supervisor Development Program information briefings

    Robins is gearing up to embark on the fiscal 2016 cycle of the Emerging Supervisor Development Program with a series of informational briefings beginning Tuesday through Feb. 11.  ESDP is a highly competitive Air Force Sustainment Center initiative used to develop future first-level supervisors who

  • Base, community collaborate to ensure safe, effective emergency response

    Planning, responding and recovering from any emergency or weather-related disaster requires a strong group effort.  In the Emergency Management Flight here, close communication between base and local emergency management representatives ensures a plan is always in place, according to Mark Martinez,

  • Let's talk about the weather

    Severe Weather Awareness Week begins Monday.Whether we realize it or not, the weather affects every aspect of our lives. It can direct how we choose to dress each day, where we live or vacation, and how we prepare and respond to emergencies or disasters throughout the year.Georgia's Severe Weather

  • AFMC promotes National Cancer Prevention Month

    During the month of February, Air Force Materiel Command will promote its Cancer Prevention Awareness Campaign.The goal of the campaign is to inform the AFMC workforce on ways to reduce their risk of developing lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Among cancers that affect both men and women, lung

  • LCMC: Powerful C-17 engine program managed at Robins

    The turbofan engines that power every C-17 Globemaster III in the Air Force fleet has now transitioned into a sustainment phase.The final F117-PW-100 engine, produced by Pratt & Whitney, is scheduled to be delivered to the Air Force this month. It will be the 1,313th engine the company has produced

  • Landing gear fixtures find new home

    You could possibly land an aircraft without them, but be prepared for a very bumpy ride ahead. Known as the largest airlifter in the Air Force, a weapon system as massive as a C-5 Galaxy poses a commanding presence as it prepares to land on a runway.That landing sequence however can only perform as

  • First C-5 dock renovated - everything but the kitchen sink

    Inside a maintenance dock in one of the oldest buildings at Robins, a massive undertaking has humbly taken center stage for more than a year. In a space where a C-5 Galaxy is usually parked during programmed depot maintenance, Dock 2 operations have instead focused on renovations to completely