Open season for Logistics Professional Development Programs

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Open season is underway for Air Force Materiel Command’s now fully implemented Logistics Professional Development Program.

The overarching platform encompasses the four logistics certification program stalls: Professional Maintenance Certification Program; Professional Supply Management Certification Program; Professional Deployment/Distribution/Transportation Certification Program; and the Professional Life Cycle Logistics Certification Program.

The voluntary programs were designed for the civilian logistics workforce looking to enhance their professional credentials. Military personnel can apply if they meet the certification requirements.

The application open season, which ends Jan. 13, provides an opportunity for all eligible Maintenance, Supply, DDT and LCL personnel to submit an application package for consideration. 

During the last open season, 282 certificates were awarded across the three certification programs.

The Professional Life Cycle Logistics Certification Program IPT completed a very successful prototype in earlier this year.  Of the 39 volunteer applicants, the team awarded 37 certificates.

For your awareness, official DCPDS codes have been secured for Levels 1 through 5 for each of the certification programs, and employees can use MyBiz+ to document certification in their personnel records.

A request for MilPDS certification codes is still in works and codes could be available soon.

General Schedule/AcqDemo, Federal Wage System, and military AFMC logistics personnel may submit an application package for progressive certifications at Level 1 up to Level 5. 

Applicants are required to provide the proper documentation to validate their eligibility. General guidance on each program, and the application process can be found in AFMCI 36-202, Logistics Professional Development Program, or by accessing the AFMC LPDP SharePoint site:

All application packages will be vetted through the local PMxCP, PSMCP, PDDTCP and PLCLCP POCs. Local POCs will ensure program communications are released to the workforce to include advertising internal suspense dates commensurate with the open season period and will notify the workforce of any plans to conduct orientation/training events.  Please direct all program and application process questions to the appropriate local POCs listed below.

Robins POCs

PMxCP POC - Felicia Clark-Reid, at

PDDTCP POC - Mitchell Moody at

PSMCP POC - Jennifer Cameron,

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