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  • Christmas Fire Prevention: Don't let the holiday go up in flames

    Christmas time reminds us of family, food, twinkling lights and fragrant evergreens. It's the time of year for blessings past and future, which includes family gatherings for a festive time by all.  The Robins AFB Fire Department would like to remind the base community that while Christmas is

  • Gate project underway at Green Street

    Phase 2 of the gate project started today at the Green Street Gate. The Russell Parkway and MLK gates have resumed normal operations. The Museum gate is closed until further notice.  As with the Russell Parkway Gate phase, the Green Street Gate portion is expected to last 21 days. During that time

  • Fitness Center track gets an overhaul

    Contractors lay new turf at the Robins Fitness Center's track and field area across from the center. The entire area is being reconstructed and is scheduled to be complete around the beginning of the new year. (U.S. Air Force photo by Misuzu Allen)

  • What's cooking? That must be excellence ...

    The Wynn Dining Facility is cooking up excellence  for this year’s coveted John L. Hennesy Award. Established in 1957, the award recognizes excellence in Air Force food service operations. Judges evaluate Air Force food service on management effectiveness, force readiness support, food quality,

  • Russell Parkway Gate open, project continues with Green Street

    And there ya have it -- one down, two to go. The Russell Parkway and MLK gates have resumed normal operations, and the Museum gate is closed until further notice. Phase 2 of the gate project starts Nov. 28 as construction moves to the Green Street Gate.  The Green Street Gate portion of the base's

  • Robins Health Promotions Team Supports Great American Smokeout Campaign 2016

    The Great American Smokeout is an annual event the third Thursday of every November sponsored by the American Cancer Society that encourages Americans to stop smoking for 24 hours.  The first Great American Smokeout was held in San Francisco's Union Square in 1977 when the California Division of the

  • Free parenting class being offered

    The Robins Air Force Base Family Advocacy Program and Rainbow House Child Resource Center are hosting an free effective Discipline Class for parents. The class, called 1-2-3 Magic, provides parents with a simple technique to their children to stop unwanted behavior and start behaving better. The

  • Open Season for Logistics Programs

    Open season runs through Jan. 13 for Air Force Materiel Command’s now fully implemented Logistics Professional Development Program. The platform encompasses the four logistics certification program stalls: Professional Maintenance Certification Program; Professional Supply Management Certification

  • AFSC Command Chief visits Team Robins

    Senior Airman Jessica St. Cyr, 78th Medical Group physical therapist, guides Chief Master Sgt. Gary Sharp, Air Force Sustainment Center command chief, through the unit’s physical therapy section during a recent visit to Robins Air Force Base, Ga. (U.S. Air Force photos by Tommie Horton