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  • 402nd CMXG looks to future with continued change, growth

    It's been a time of steady transformation across the 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group here. From tracking every aircraft at Robins to ensure assets are successfully routed from the flight line to CMXG as scheduled, to supporting various customer needs locally and globally, there's pride and

  • Complex employees ensure aircraft are sealed, corrosion free

    At Robins, the workers in Bldg. 59 took care of the paint jobs on about 60 C-5s, C-17s and C-130s during fiscal 2014. Because of that, aircraft were able to be returned to the units conducting warfighting and humanitarian missions - proof positive that success here equals success there. Although

  • Celebrating victory – the end of World War II

    This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.Japan formally surrendered to the Allied Forces on Sept. 2, 1945, after six years of fighting.To commemorate that, Robins Air Force Base Public Affairs is looking for service members who survived the war and the family members they left

  • Team Robins to kick off Diversity Month events Aug. 7

    The Robins Diversity Council will conduct events throughout August to raise awareness for Diversity Month.The council is comprised of committees dedicated to hosting events specific to their holiday or awareness month. They include: Women's History Month; Black History Month; Pride Month; Native

  • Records storage facility now open for business

    The Staging and Document Destruction Warehouse, formerly housed in Bldg. 301, has room to grow at its new location in Bldg. 988.According to JoAnn Rape, Knowledge & Operations Flight chief, it's also the first National Archives and Records Administration-compliant warehouse in Air Force Materiel

  • Transforming how Air Force, small business work together

    The Air Force conducted a Small Business Industry Days event in Macon July 14 and 15 to share information on the service's latest sustainment business needs.  "This event provided an excellent venue to promote active engagement among Air Force, small business and major defense contractors," said

  • Recent training exercise provides wartime realism for chaplain candidates

    They stand ready to provide spiritual care and guidance at a moment's notice, in any given situation, anywhere in the world.To help prepare them for that responsibility, 22 second lieutenants in the Chaplain Candidate Program - were immersed in combat scenarios earlier this month at the 5th Combat

  • Flight test squadron settles in at former alert facility

    There's new life inside Bldg. 12. It isn't every day a dynamic operational flying squadron here moves into a newly-renovated historical building - with ties to the Cold War - and just steps from the Robins flight line.Its new occupants are members of the 339th Flight Test Squadron, which includes a

  • Top-down briefings cover enlisted evaluations, promotions

    A team from Headquarters Air Force and the Air Force Personnel Center visited Robins Tuesday as part of a roadshow being conducted across bases worldwide.The intent of the session was to provide consistent information regarding changes already implemented, as well as those in progress on the