Transforming how Air Force, small business work together

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
The Air Force conducted a Small Business Industry Days event in Macon July 14 and 15 to share information on the service's latest sustainment business needs.  

"This event provided an excellent venue to promote active engagement among Air Force, small business and major defense contractors," said Tony Baumann, contracting director at Robins. "Participants collaborated to emphasize small business capabilities and to increase opportunities to apply those capabilities in achieving Air Force mission success."

Industry days such as this at Middle Georgia State College are designed to transform how the Air Force works with small business, and to provide benefit by creating partnerships and increasing small business participation in service acquisitions by incorporating them into the supply chain. 

The event, which included exhibits from government and businesses, provided a targeted forum for interested small businesses to brief senior government representatives, major defense contractors and other small businesses on specific capabilities, as well as hear about potential contractor opportunities within the Air Force Sustainment Center.  

Business opportunity briefings included topics on aerial bulk fuel delivery systems; blast booth robot blasters; ventilation upgrades; engine test stand replacements; C-5 interior cargo bay stands; and 3D printing of aircraft components. 

Informational briefings included intellectual property and data rights, contracting and rapid innovation fund overviews. 

Strategic one-on-one sessions were also held, along with a networking reception for all attendees.