Records storage facility now open for business

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
The Staging and Document Destruction Warehouse, formerly housed in Bldg. 301, has room to grow at its new location in Bldg. 988.

According to JoAnn Rape, Knowledge & Operations Flight chief, it's also the first National Archives and Records Administration-compliant warehouse in Air Force Materiel Command.

The records warehouse is in the former Robins Elementary School gym, and now includes a fully-operational alarm system, climate control system, fire suppression capabilities and appropriate floor-to-ceiling wall coverage - all   NARA requirements.

Boxes began to be moved in mid-June and staff relocated in early July.   

Files there are managed and stored inside a massive mobile storage system, which was disassembled, moved, and reassembled from its former location.  

The storage system has 19 individual shelving rows that sit on a specially-built floor that can roll the storage system open and closed as needed. Only about 10 percent of the system's storage capacity is currently used.

Along with the storage, the warehouse also includes two industrial shredding machines - approved by the National Security Agency - that can destroy unclassified and classified documents, which are later recycled by a community organization. 

A total of 100 to 150 bags of documents are shredded each week, each weighing 50 pounds. 

A hard drive degausser machine also sits nearby, which has the capability to destroy a hard drive by demagnetizing all of its data. Owning organizations on Robins perform their own destruction work.

The section's eight personnel are responsible for not only staging and document destruction, but also records management, FOIA and Privacy Act issues, and publications and forms.

The warehouse currently stores 2,500 square feet of records. 

Some of those are records must be maintained for one year after they're closed before they can be destroyed. 

Others are considered frozen permanent records that are never destroyed, including documents on protection of the environment, building blueprints and personnel health records. 

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be conducted July 31 at 1 p.m. to celebrate the grand opening of the warehouse.