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  • Natural Resources manager dispels snake myths, offers tips to stay safe

    Humans aren't the only creatures getting out more around Robins in the warmer months. Several species of snakes are enjoying the sun as well, coming out of their winter dormancy in search of food and potential mates. And yes, though there are many misconceptions regarding them; however, there are

  • First UH-1Y arrives here

    It's finally here. The long-awaited arrival of the Marine Corps' newest Huey utility helicopter occurred at Robins early Wednesday afternoon. Hovering in the skies just before 12:30 p.m., the four-bladed, UH-1Y's two pilots conducted a flyby of Bldg. 2071, much to the delight of crews on the ground.

  • Together Again: C-130H gets new nose from donor aircraft

    Another successful first at Robins is now in the books. Three months ago a C-130H nose was separated from its fuselage in Bldg. 110. On Tuesday, 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group maintainers re-attached a different nose from a donor aircraft, paving the way for an end-of-year delivery of the C-130H

  • Airman helps save life, personifies wingmanship

    When Jarvis Jackson found himself shot and left for dead on a cold, murky Macon street, he probably had no idea he had a wingman. But fortunately, Senior Airman Taylor Turpin, who happened to be nearby at that grim moment, had been instilled with that concept. It was some time around 2:30 a.m. May 3

  • ‘Dish’ serves healthy tips, quickly becomes a hit

    Robins' own Dani Lebovitz may soon be dishing it out at a higher level. Her popular web series, "Dani's Delicious Dish," has caught the attention of Office of the Secretary of Defense health and wellness experts for possible use Department of Defense-wide. Though still not finalized, the weekly

  • Disaster response vehicle makes EOC mobile

    This isn't your grandparents' Winnebago. The Mobile Emergency Operations Center, or MEOC, is actually more akin to something the A-Team would've driven if they had a much bigger budget. A mobile command post, the 39-foot MEOC is equipped with its own power supply, six work stations with computers

  • ‘Cradle to grave’ Item ID system back up and tracking

    Keeping tabs on every single piece of equipment used by the world's largest Air Force may sound like a gargantuan task. That's because it is. But, David Burton and his cohorts are working to make that process much easier at Robins. A new labeling technique that uses hand-held terminals to create a

  • Base hosts ‘cool’ aircraft for global NASA mission

    A NASA ER-2 high-altitude research aircraft has been flying from Robins to North Carolina since early May to assist in gathering rainfall measurements. The ground validation field campaign known as the Integrated Precipitation and Hydrology Experiment is taking place through June 15, and is co-led

  • Cold War-era alert facility on a new mission

    A building that was once part of the former Strategic Air Command's ground alert program at Robins during the Cold War is slowly gaining a new outlook on life. Renovations are currently being performed in Bldg. 12, located in the alert apron also known as the 'Christmas tree,' named for its

  • Hitting the road: Base motorcycle classes prepare summer riders

    "Get your motors runnin', head out on the highway." But first, it's wise to be prepared and to learn from the best right here on base. The Robins Motorcycle Safety Training program is in its peak season, with anyone born to be wild - or those at least interested in finding out if they are - flocking