Middle Georgia CFC ends Nov. 14

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
This year's Middle Georgia Combined Federal Campaign, ends in two weeks, and this year, Robins' goal is $1 million. 

The campaign gives everyone an opportunity to support charities that face financial uncertainty every day, said Walter Wolfe, Robins CFC chair. 

"Donating through the CFC offers three significant benefits - the confidence you're donating to a viable non-profit, the choice to designate your donations among thousands of eligible charities worldwide and the conveniences of electronic pledging and payroll deductions," he said.

A new feature of the campaign, Universal Giving, has been very well-received, especially among military members. It allows people to support a charity back home or at a previous assignment, he said. 

Electronic pledges may continue to be made through MyPay until Dec. 15, or contact your unit CFC worker for a CFC charity booklet and pledge form.

Regina Huston, 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group Commanders Action Group management assistant, sees the positive in participating in CFC. 

"I contribute because I want to give back," said Huston, who has given annually the last 11 years. "The charity I support helped me when my kids were younger. Being a single mom raising three daughters, daycare was very expensive. This charity provided quality, reliable and dependable daycare based upon income. By no means was it free, but it was cheaper than what I could find anywhere else." 

A three-year fair-share giver, Faron Thompson, 461st Air Control Wing historian, said it's been a privilege to take part. 

"CFC has so many wonderful organizations; many making a positive impact both in the USA and around the world," he said. "It's amazing to see what can be accomplished when many are willing to share - even a little - to help someone in need." 

Bruce Harris, an Air Force Life Cycle Management Center equipment specialist, has been in federal service for 15 years, and there was never a year he didn't contribute. This year he felt compelled to do more. 

"The CFC has always been a great way to give someone a gift," he said. "In the past two years I've watched two immediate family members receive a gift from a CFC charity. Some of the gifts present themselves as a person to talk to or maybe a monetary gift for medication. I've seen this first hand." 

The Middle Georgia CFC includes all federal employees in the Middle Georgia area, not just those at Robins.  It's run by federal employees, for federal employees, and is overseen by a local committee of civilian and military volunteers.        

In 2013, the local campaign collected $916,643, from 2,276 contributors. The results mirrored those of campaign contributions across the government.