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  • 584th CSS has winning VPP recipe: Safety with a sprinkle of humor

    One unit at Robins has found a creative way to promote personal safety to its members. The Twyla & Chuck Morning Show, a weekly 15-minute program, is hosted by Twyla South and Chuck Wheeler, and produced by Mike Miller. All three are assigned to the 584th Combat Sustainment Squadron's Tech Data

  • Community partners gather for regional progress report

    More than 150 business and community leaders from around Middle Georgia came to the Museum of Aviation on Monday to participate in the first Robins Regional Progress Report. The event was organized by the Middle Georgia Military Affairs Committee and the 21st Century Partnership to report on issues

  • Robins kicks off 101 Critical Days of Summer safety campaign

    Friday is a critical day for the Air Force, and so are the 100 days that will follow. That's the time of the annual 101 Critical Days of Summer safety campaign, which this year will run through Sept. 7 (the Tuesday following Labor Day). It's the time when special emphasis is put on personal safety

  • Base seeks additional maintainers

    Much progress has been made toward the goal of hiring hundreds of new aircraft maintainers at Robins, but much work is still left to be done. As of this week, 796 aircraft maintenance positions have been filled since last June, said Donna Frazier, director of business operations in the 402nd

  • Official release of OSHA findings expected today

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is expected to officially inform Warner Robins Air Logistics Center officials today that a 402nd Maintenance Wing building is allegedly in violation of several of its safety standards. The claims are centered in Bldg. 169, which houses the wing's

  • Air Force transitions from NSPS to GS

    Most Air Force civilians under the National Security Personnel System will convert to the General Schedule by the end of this fiscal year in support of the Department of Defense goal to convert out as quickly as possible. This conversion out of NSPS was mandated by the Fiscal 2010 National Defense

  • Site visit next step in MC-12W selection process

    June 7 is a big day for Robins and the surrounding community. It's so big, if days were aircraft, June 7 would be a C-5. That's when a team from Air Combat Command will arrive for a three-day site survey to hear Robins' pitch why it should be the home base of the MC-12W Liberty. Robins is competing

  • Russell Gate closure to significantly impact traffic

    The Russell Parkway Gate will close for about two months starting May 31.While the closure could impact as many as 10,000 cars per day and significantly increase traffic at other gates, the closure is necessary so needed security improvements can be made to the entrance, said Col. Carl Buhler, 78th

  • HVM area wins performance award

    Many different awards are regularly handed out at Robins, but a new one in the 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group might be the most unique. It certainly has to be the largest. "It's a lot bigger than I was expecting," said Col. John Bukowinski, group commander. "I call it the mother of all trophies."

  • Leaky roof leads to relocation of about 40 personnel employees

    The Directorate of Personnel did some scrambling this week to keep operations going after heavy rains Sunday damaged part of Bldg. 376. A major roof leak caused serious damage to the ceiling, carpet and computers in a significant portion of the building. Approximately 40 employees have been