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  • Wingman Survival Resources

    The Air Force's Wingman Stand Down 2010 was in May, but that doesn't mean Airmen's focus should shift away from safety and well-being. "As the Air Force continues this year's 101 Critical Days of Summer, I would like to reinforce the importance of the Wingman concept," said Gen. Donald Hoffman, Air

  • New device heralds WR-ALC

    A group of Team Robins members, businesses and community members joined together recently to create a new heraldic device for the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center. Military tradition calls for commanders to bring the device to CORONA to "herald" their units in meetings with other commanders. The

  • Future bright for organic Global Hawk workload

    A team in the 402nd Software Maintenance Group last week had a successful test of software it developed to assess the aft power and discrete controller on a Global Hawk. The unit is basically the computer which controls the power on the high-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial reconnaissance

  • Museum sheds light on energy

    The Museum of Aviation knows a thing or two about saving energy. Since fiscal 2008, the museum has successfully reduced its overall electrical usage by more than 10 percent, saving nearly $26,000 on its annual electric utility bill. The museum's "in-house" initiatives have included installing

  • Marine landing signals new mission

    As dozens of people stood in front of a new hangar Friday, a distant "thump, thump, thump" sound reverberated across the sky, heralding a change coming to Robins. The sound was made by two Marine helicopters inbound from Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Atlanta to their new home in the 116th Air Control

  • Center committed to VPP, worker safety

    The Voluntary Protection Program at Robins is a huge success - more than 300 Commander's Challenge Safe Sites and one of only 31 OSHA Star Sites in the Department of Defense - due to the direct involvement of nearly every member of Team Robins. The Challenge provides a framework and the motivation

  • Carpooling pays

    Robins officials are continually looking for ways to improve traffic on base, and are encouraging the use of a government-funded Transportation Incentive Program as one solution. To help motivate workers to carpool, the federal government implemented the TIP, a benefit program aimed at offsetting

  • Partnering to reduce pollution

    Team Robins members can help the environment and help themselves as well through an initiative which encourages car pooling. Robins partners with the Clean Air Campaign to give workers here a way to find carpool partners through an online registry at Robins employees can go

  • Energy initiatives see the light

    Team Robins continues to sharpen its sights on energy conservation, including probing for new ways to reduce energy costs. As part of the installation's energy reduction initiative, the Facilities Maintenance Team in the 402nd Electronics Maintenance Group looked for new ways to help the unit trim