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  • Early flu shots key to prevention

    With flu season already under way, the top TRICARE military health plan official encourages the system's almost 9.7 million beneficiaries to get their flu shots as early as possible at a military medical facility, network provider, or at any participating pharmacy. Military hospitals and clinics,

  • Native American Heritage Observance Month

    Robins' annual celebration of Native American Heritage Observance Month begins next week. This year's theme is "Life is Sacred - Celebrate Healthy Native Communities." The celebration kicks off Wednesday with a free corn roast, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the courtyard between Bldgs. 300 and 301.

  • F-15 Egress Shop ensures pilots land safely

    Before an F-15 Eagle flies following programmed depot maintenance here, every component is exhaustively tested except for one - the ejection system. If it was tested, it would have to be rebuilt again, so testing it is simply not practical. Pilots just have to put their faith in the seven people who

  • Carpooling provides savings opportunities

    Everyone knows carpooling can save energy and reduce traffic. When multiple people use only one vehicle to get to the same place, fewer resources are used. But does the money saved really make much of a difference to an individual's pocketbook? According to the AAA, the average American's one-way

  • HELPING AGENCIES: Where to go in times of need

    Robins provides an array of services to help employees with personal problems, from financial matters to psychological issues, but a recent study found an unfortunate misconception. A survey conducted by the Rand Corp. at bases throughout Air Force Materiel Command, including Robins, found many

  • Base to celebrate Halloween on Oct. 30

    Halloween will be observed at Robins Saturday, with trick-or-treating from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Participating base residents should leave exterior lights on; those who do not wish to participate should turn exterior lights off. Security Forces and volunteers will help ensure safety in the housing areas

  • Manager credits communication for better labor-management relations

    Jeanette McElhaney has worked at Robins for more than 30 years in a variety of jobs, and most of the time she has been active in the union. So she knows what she's talking about when she discusses the current state of labor/management relationships here. "They are much better now," she said. "They

  • Kickoff prepares base for logistics transformation

    Logisticians from across Robins will learn what is needed to prepare for the implementation of the Expeditionary Combat Support System during a kickoff event Wednesday. Base leaders will receive a briefing in the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center headquarters building at 8 a.m. Unit supervisors and