Base program helps those with alcohol, drug issues

  • Published
  • By Wayne Crenshaw
  • 78 ABW/PA
Parties are a big part of the holiday tradition, and they often include alcohol.

For some people, a good time can turn into a bad time when the wrong decisions are made. Robins Airmen who get a DUI are referred to the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Prevention Treatment program, or ADAPT.

The program, part of the Integrated Delivery System, also does screenings for civilian employees and will recommend treatment options.

Senior Airman Justin Sheldon, NCO in charge of ADAPT, said immaturity is the most common reason Airmen get into trouble with alcohol.

"A lot of them have the attitude it won't happen to them," he said. "During the holiday season especially, you can bet the Warner Robins Police Department will be out and about."

He said the ADAPT treatment program is effective.

"Most people who come in don't seem to be repeat offenders," he said. "The ones who had a second incident weren't ready to change their habits. You have to be ready to change."

Airmen who "self report" a drug abuse problem are warned up front any illegal activity they may admit to must be reported by ADAPT. However, Sheldon noted they can expect far more favorable treatment if they "self report" than if they are caught with illegal drugs.

Among the warning signs of alcohol abuse, Sheldon said, are relationship problems, alcohol use leading to arguments, and having friends and family asking you to cut back.

Another rule of thumb is drinking three or more drinks per day for five consecutive days, which can lead to health problems.

Increasingly popular among young drinkers are caffeinated alcoholic beverages.

Sheldon said these can be particularly dangerous because people may not be aware they are drinking an alcoholic beverage, or the caffeine counteracts the effect of the alcohol, leading drinkers to not realize how much alcohol has been consumed. Those drinks are banned on base.

To contact ADAPT, call 497-8398 on base or 327-8398 from off base.