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  • Base Windows Vista migration more than 50 percent complete

    Back in March, Robins was not looking particularly good in comparison to other bases when it came to the progress toward changing the operating system of the base's 16,000 computers to Vista. That job is supposed to be finished by Dec. 1, but soon after starting it in January, project managers in

  • Inclusion strategy gives maintenance workers ownership in HVM

    High Velocity Maintenance marks a major shift in the way work is done at Robins, and therefore the planning for it has involved the highest level leaders here, but has also included significant input from frontline maintainers. Several C-130 maintainers served on the workflow team that developed the

  • 78th FSS projects to modernize facilities, increase customer satisfaction

    One of the mantras of the 78th Force Support Squadron is "modernization" and its leadership is investing millions to prove it. While customer satisfaction is his top priority, David Quinn said modernizing facilities and offerings is a close second. "We like to challenge the way we do things and make

  • SoloRider gives quadriplegic security specialist ‘hole’ new outlook

    On a misty morning at Robins' Pine Oaks Golf Course, Jeff Hutcheson lines up his shot on the first tee, draws back his club and strikes the ball with a gentle but solid "ping." The white orb flies in an arch to the left, landing about 100 yards down the fairway. For most golfers a 100-yard drive

  • Robins sergeant earns Tuskegee Airmen award for professionalism

    Master Sgt. Derek Fromenthal has collected numerous awards in his 16-year Air Force career, but none was more special than the award he brought home last weekend from Las Vegas. Sergeant Fromenthal, who serves in the 5th Combat Communications Group, is the winner of the 2009 Tuskegee Airmen Inc.

  • Robins recycles its way to a greener tomorrow

    Robins is the leading recycler in Air Force Materiel Command, but that isn't stopping environmental officials here from trying to take the program to a new level. As a part of that effort, the Environmental Management Division has been doing a little Dumpster diving. Checking both Dumpsters and

  • Robins unit answers urgent call for AC-130 Gunship repair

    One Robins unit recently fabricated a prototype infrared suppression system for the AC-130 gunship. The 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group had an urgent requirement for the IRSS. Working from a design by S&K Technologies, which also provided on-site technical support, 12 highly-skilled production

  • Concrete barriers used to test C-17 fuel leak fix

    Who knew that concrete barriers could be used in C-17 repair? Or that the 78th Civil Engineer Group and the 78th Logistics Readiness Squadron could pull double duty in the field of aircraft maintenance? That's exactly what happened recently when maintainers here needed to test the fix of a pesky

  • 78th Communications Directorate first in AFMC to consolidate, stand up

    Robins recently became the first Air Logistics Center in AFMC to stand up a communications directorate. As a part of an effort to consolidate the communications squadrons and the information technology directorates, the three AFMC ALCs are required to combine the two. In a ceremony held here July

  • Small Business Office to open doors

    The Warner Robins Air Logistics Center Office of Small Business Programs is now open for business in a new building. The office will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday at its new digs, the renovated and expanded former visitor's center. Maj. Gen. Polly Peyer will officiate at the ceremony. Fred