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  • Management examines partnering agreements at LRMOA meeting

    In an effort to review and coordinate long range partnering agreements, members from Team Robins and representatives from various partners met here Wednesday for a day of briefings. The meeting was the biannual Long Range Memorandum of Agreement, or LRMOA, partnering review. Those who meet discuss

  • AFMC team begins major evaluation, assessment

    The chief of staff of Warner Robins Air Logistics Center has a simple way of explaining a significant event happening at Robins over the next two weeks. "It's game on," Carl Unholz said.The challenge to which he is referring is an inspection by the Logistics Compliance Assessment Team, or LCAT, from

  • 542nd CSW commander bids farewell

    When Col. Joseph Veneziano is asked to reflect on his year of service at Robins, a single word is pervasive in his answer. The word is love. "I loved it," he said in an interview this week. "It's been the best job I've had in the Air Force. I've loved working at Robins Air Force Base. I've loved

  • Natural Resources manager goes on an alligator hunt

    It's 8 a.m. on an overcast day last week, and Dr. Bob Sargent is preparing to try to catch the biggest thing swimming in Duck Lake. The creature is an elusive alligator that Mr. Sargent estimates to be at least five feet long. The gator hasn't been a problem, but he wants to catch it before it

  • Pest busting keeps Entomology Shop buzzing

    Danny Jones doesn't have any trouble with employee turnover in the shop he supervises. And if he did have some people leave, it probably wouldn't take long to fill the positions. "I have a lot of people ask me if we have any openings," said Mr. Jones, who supervises the Entomology Shop. "They want

  • E-tools gives support personnel access to digital data

    For decades, whenever an aircraft mechanic at Robins needed a technical drawing, technical order or any other document related to a repair, he had to traipse over to a warehouse, locate the drawing and return to the aircraft. That process would typically be completed many times over the course of

  • 653rd CLSS inactivates amidst heritage celebration

    Starting with Vietnam and ending with Iraq and Afghanistan, the White Knights of the 653rd Combat Logistics Support Squadron have traveled the globe to repair major damage on aircraft in combat zones. But their storied 42-year history came to an end Wednesday with an inactivation ceremony.

  • First validation aircraft for HVM arrives at Robins

    The aircraft that will be validating the new High Velocity Maintenance program just arrived at Robins Friday, but the HVM process started months ago. The C-130 Hercules is the first Air Force aircraft to undergo validation for the new maintenance process. HVM is designed to shorten the time the

  • Infrared camera saves base money, time

    The camera that Wayne Merritt holds in his hands looks about like any standard home-video camera, but the price tag for it is about that of a new BMW. And it has more than paid for itself, Mr. Merritt said. The camera, which costs about $55,000, shoots infrared images and is used to identify a