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  • WR-ALC Initiatives: Energy savings through metering

    When most people see their home electric bills start to rise, they start looking a little closer at things like turning off lights when they're not needed to help keep those costs down. A new initiative at Robins is looking for the same results, but on a grander scale. When you have an electric bill

  • Functional test crews work together to become silver safe site

    Safety is a top priority in every unit at Robins, but in the functional test flight area, safety is the essence of the job. After planes undergo thousands of man hours being dismantled, repaired and reassembled, the job of functional test crews is to make sure the aircraft can takeoff and return

  • Marathon runner to keep decade-old promise

    While many will spend the weekend on the couch watching football, one Robins employee will be running 26.2 miles as a fulfillment of a promise made to a friend a decade ago. Just six weeks after turning 50, Lt. Col. Joyce Fiedler will be participating in the New York City Marathon. She ran in the

  • Engineers perfect software for Special Ops aircraft

    A C-130 gunship can lay down fearsome firepower in close support of ground operations, firing sensor-targeted ammo from 105mm and 40mm cannons while circling thousands of feet above combat area's. The gunship crews, however, saw a way to improve their capability through dual targeting. Previously

  • Pancake flip generates publicity for Year of the Air Force Family campaign

    Rather than having the usual Wednesday night dinner, the Robins Chapel and Airmen's Ministry had a combined pancake flip this week. Col. Carl Buhler, 78th Air Base Wing commander, said the pancake flip is a 50-year tradition of the United States Air Force "Thunderbirds" that he formerly served with

  • Robins to celebrate Year of the Air Force Family Nov. 1-7

    Now in its fourth month, the Year of the Air Force Family campaign is starting to build some momentum. The Air Force dedicated July 2009 through July 2010 as the Year of the Air Force Family. During the year, bases will focus on Airmen and their families in recognition of their dedication and

  • New Web site offers supervisor growth through e-learning tools

    Supervisors now have online access to a robust collection of continuous learning tools. The Supervisor Resource Center is a Community of Practice site that offers an assortment of Air Force e-learning tools, such as training courses, books, simulations, exercises and job-aids, and the resources to

  • Robins team combats worker’s compensation fraud

    In an attempt to reduce fraudulent injury compensation claims, the Directorate of Personnel's Workforce Effectiveness Division here is intensifying its investigative efforts. "We have people out here who are legitimately hurt and our job is to take care of those folks and make sure they get all the

  • Base employs robotic water jet cutter to cut sheet metal

    When Bernard Stevens started working in the Sheet Metal Manufacturing Flight in 1979, most of the sheet metal was cut with a band saw. Today, that work is done by a 3 Axis CNC robotic water jet cutter, a high-tech piece of equipment that cuts sheet metal precisely with a tiny stream of water and

  • Local union, Center partner for CFC

    Base and union leadership often work together to improve working conditions and the effectiveness of Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, but now they are working together to help those in need. Maj. Gen. Polly Peyer, commander of the Center, and Tom Scott, president of the American Federation of