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  • 402nd EMXG aims for Shingo Prize

    The 402nd Electronics Maintenance Group is under consideration for one of the most coveted awards for manufacturing excellence, The Shingo Prize. A team from The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence visited the 402nd EMXG on Monday and Tuesday to gauge how well the group is following Shingo

  • General shares command priorities

    Despite the current economic downturn, the Air Force is still hiring civilian workers, particularly in the acquisition and sustainment fields, according to the commander of Air Force Materiel Command. "We are not tied directly to the ups and downs of the economy," said Gen. Donald Hoffman at the end

  • Robins to receive $35M under Recovery Act

    Robins will receive more than $35 million for 77 construction projects under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, according to a Department of Defense announcement. The projects include construction of a parking lot valued at $12,000 and nearly $4 million in repairs to the base's runway.

  • Traffic Study gives true view of travel patterns

    In a series of commander's calls held last year, one of the most common questions had to do with the time it takes to get through security check points to enter Robins. Some complained that it took 15 to 20 minutes of waiting to get through the gates. To address those concerns, Security Forces

  • Dining out sure to make a splash

    Looking at himself in the mirror and adoring that glorious ensemble of Air Force distinction -- patent leather shoes, long-sleeved white shirt, blue bow tie made of satin, pleated cummerbund and highly polished silver cufflinks -- the Airman thought he looked like a special agent, as found in one of

  • Robins plant works overtime to treat groundwater

    Nelson Rosa is working hard to make his job at Robins unnecessary. When the Groundwater Treatment Plant opened at Robins in 1997, it was expected to take 30 years before it would have cleaned all the contaminated groundwater on base. Now it's on track to have that job largely completed in another

  • C-130 near full return to flight

    Thanks in large part to Team Robins members, all C-130s being used in Iraq and Afghanistan are flying again. The planes were briefly grounded until an inspection could be done on suspect wing-joint barrel nuts. On March 1, five cracked nuts were found on a C-130H undergoing routine maintenance here,

  • Robins officer earns Bronze Star Medal

    Contracting for goods and services related to military operations doesn't just happen in the safety of offices at installations like Robins. Contracting is also a vital component of military operations on the ground in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Friday, Lt. Col. James Boles Jr. was awarded a

  • Middle Georgia civic leaders tour Florida bases

    Chuck Shaheen has been a staunch supporter of Robins Air Force Base since his family moved to Warner Robins in 1964, but even he can still be impressed by the work of Airmen. Mr. Shaheen, who serves as one of Maj. Gen. Polly Peyer, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center commander's honorary commanders,

  • New system helps DRMO turn-in process

    The Robins Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office, a one-stop shop for gently used or unneeded equipment, now offers a Web-based alternative for turning in equipment for reuse or demilitarization. Claire Shadden, DRMO property disposal technician, said the new system was the brain child of the