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  • Base puts new drug and alcohol awareness campaign to the test

    Events over the Memorial Day weekend elevated Robins' Drug and Alcohol Responsibility Condition level to DARCON Bravo, just weeks after launching the drug and alcohol awareness campaign targeting consciousness and accountability. Two suspected drug-related incidents involving base personnel, lead to

  • Services director touts club changes

    A recent article on clubs in the Rev Up spurred me to submit this article to clarify some of the misconceptions about the current Robins club configuration and use of each club. Hopefully, readers will get a better understanding of what the Robins' clubs are and are not, as well as where we're

  • FECA investigators keep watchful eye for fraudsters

    When it comes to being incognito, three men on base are always working to be beneath the radar in order to complete their mission. The mission of these men is to build a case on present and former Robins' employees who are collecting Workers' Compensation fraudulently. "This is a different type of

  • Robins employees cleared for duty in recent TB scare

    Three Team Robins employees have been cleared by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to return to their duty locations following an investigation into their exposure to a potentially infectious strain of tuberculosis, according to the Robins Public Health Office. The employees

  • 5th MOB Spouses helps wives, husbands of unit members connect, have fun

    Coping with the deployment of a spouse and making life work at a new base can be tough. But spouses in the 5th Combat Communications Group have the help of others in their situation to get through it. The 5th MOB Spouses, a group of spouses from 5th CCG squadrons that took shape earlier this year,

  • Summer safety shines: 19th Air Refueling Group hosts annual safety fair

    As summer rolls around each year, members of the Team Robins community turn their attention to enjoying a safe, fun-filled summer. The 19th Air Refueling Group doesn't just opt to have another safety briefing to get their Airmen focused on safety. Instead, the group hosts a fair, where Airmen and

  • Center, Union join forces for workforce safety

    The Voluntary Protection Program is making progress, according to Warner Robins Air Logistics Center and Union officials, but the journey will take time. "We really began our VPP journey in August of 2004. We didn't know it was VPP then, but that was when we experienced an industrial accident that

  • Smoke from nearby wildfires

    Smoke from fires raging in South Georgia has recently drifted into the Middle Georgia area, and the matter is choking some people up. In recent weeks, southeast winds have carried clouds of smoke from the fires over the Central Georgia area, randomly causing visibility problems during certain parts

  • Base clubs collocate for better support, streamlined approach

    Members of the Robins Enlisted and Officers' clubs have begun sharing a home. Robins is combining resources to provide a better environment for its community by consolidating the enlisted and officers club programs into one club, open to all ranks and grades. The club must maintain separate enlisted