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  • Robins ‘War Wagons’ bring maintenance to warfighters

    When the Department of Defense has an aircraft in need of repair and the situation requires a traveling repairman, it looks to Robins Air Force Base and the 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group to come to the rescue. The group maintains a one-of-a-kind resource, two War Wagons, which deploy around

  • 19th Air Refueling Group reflects on mission as deactivation date nears

    When it comes to heritage, the 19th Air Refueling Group is always willing to celebrate the legacy of Black Knights past and present. The realization today's Black Knights may be the last to carry the torch of the group can be disheartening. However, members of the group are choosing to celebrate the

  • Alligator inhabits Duck Lake, caution advised

    Monday afternoon Bob Sargent was surprised to find a five-foot alligator, wading in Duck Lake. Mr. Sargent, the natural resources manager for the Environmental Management Division at Robins, had visited the lake several times during the last few weeks hoping to spot the alligator, which had been

  • Center lands supporting role in Predator, Reaper programs

    Air Force Materiel Command recently announced the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center would be designated as the System Support Manager for the MQ-1 Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper programs. The management responsibilities will be given to a four-person team from the 560th Aircraft Sustainment Group.

  • Robins exceeds goal in 2007 AFAF campaign

    The generosity of members of Team Robins in the 2007 Air Force Assistance Fund campaign is proof that its people have no problem helping out. The base raised $100,296 in this year's campaign, which brought the base well above its goal of $89,569. Capt. Shannon Morris, workforce development manager

  • Robins to reduce long distance calling capabilities

    The 78th Communications Squadron did a data call several months ago during which Robins units verified the phone numbers needing direct dial long distance service. Starting June 1, the 78th CS will turn off direct dial long distance capabilities from all phone numbers that were not identified by

  • Bird feeding prohibited at base lakes

    For many, the beginning of spring signals the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. And members of the Robins community have always enjoyed the season with a trip to Scout Lake with a loaf of bread in hand to feed the birds. However, this year those who headed to the lake were met by a new sign

  • Random tests help deter drug use

    Military members and civilians at Robins who think they can do drugs and get away with it need to think again. Amphetamines, cocaine and marijuana are only a few of the drugs the base's Drug Demand Reduction Program randomly tests military and civilians for. On any given day, a Department of Defense

  • Two from Robins earn Bronze Star Medals

    Master Sgt Gary Chelette and Bryan Braud received the Bronze Star Medal on Monday for their actions in Iraq. Sergeant Chelette, a crew chief with the 653rd Combat Logistics Support Squadron, distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding achievement in