Summer safety shines: 19th Air Refueling Group hosts annual safety fair

  • Published
  • By Amanda Creel
  • 78th ABW/PA
As summer rolls around each year, members of the Team Robins community turn their attention to enjoying a safe, fun-filled summer.

The 19th Air Refueling Group doesn't just opt to have another safety briefing to get their Airmen focused on safety.

Instead, the group hosts a fair, where Airmen and their families can come out and learn how to be safe during summer activities such as boating or jet skiing.

"It's a good chance to focus on safety, but makes its a fun event that is more than just a PowerPoint safety briefing," said Lt. Col. Sandra Chandler, 99th Air Refueling Squadron commander.

"We really focus not only on the Black Knights, but their families. We try to talk about things their families can relate to. That's what safety day is all about," said Tech. Sgt. Larry Prado, who helped organize the event for the group and lead technician for aerospace propulsion with the 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

The event is the group's way of kicking off the 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign, said Lt. Col. Marc Van Wert, deputy commander of the 19th ARG. He said the group knows how important safety is and that's why it spends an entire day emphasizing its importance.

"I can't think of a better way to drive the safety lesson home than having a day like this where families can come together and we can weave the safety story into all those summer fun activities," said Lt. Col. Blaine Holt, acting commander of the 19th ARG.

Other members of the group agree the chance to focus on safety away from work is beneficial.

"It's a nice break away and a good chance to focus on what's going on in safety and mingle outside of work," said Tech. Sgt. Gary Rose, electrical environmental craftsman with the 19th AMXS.

It wasn't just the Airmen who were glad to usher in summer in an environment where safety was paramount. Many of the group's spouses were grateful the group took the time to kickoff summer in a way that would promote safety throughout the season.

"It's a great beginning to summer with the kids out of school; it's a great way to transition to summer," said Tara Hart wife of Maj. Alan Hart, commander of the 19th AMXS.

Though safety is the main focus of the day, members of the group and its leadership were all quick to point out the event also fosters camaraderie and fellowship within the group.

"I think it is a good family environment and that it builds squadron morale and team work," said Airman Kendall Coleman, a boom operator with the 99th ARS.