5th MOB Spouses helps wives, husbands of unit members connect, have fun

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  • By Holly L. Birchfield
  • 78th ABW/PA
Coping with the deployment of a spouse and making life work at a new base can be tough. But spouses in the 5th Combat Communications Group have the help of others in their situation to get through it.

The 5th MOB Spouses, a group of spouses from 5th CCG squadrons that took shape earlier this year, offers companionship and a wealth of resources to help make life a little easier to manage.

Jennifer Block, wife of 5th CCG commander, Col. Carl Block, said the group reaches beyond the boundaries of military rank and strives to meet people's personal needs.

"The purpose of the group is for spouses to get together and network," she said. "They can make friends with one another so that when husbands are deployed or things come up, they have other spouses they can call and either get help from or have fun with."

Since the group came together, about 25 spouses have attended numerous outings, like going to dinner, bowling and seeing a movie.

While no husbands have attended the group's events, Mrs. Block said they're a welcomed addition.

Mrs. Block said the group's activities are budget friendly so parents can bring their children along without emptying their wallets.

"My goal when I plan events with people is for a person to be able to go out for under $10 for the evening," she said.

Prices of events are made available to spouses ahead of time so no one is caught off guard, Mrs. Block said.

For many spouses, going out for a night on the town is just one benefit to the group.

Alison Storms, wife of Chief Master Sgt. Curtis Storms, superintendent in the 52nd Combat Communications Squadron, said the group has helped her get more settled in her husband's new assignment.

"I think it's an easy way to know people quickly when you first move to a place," she said. "I figured it would be the best place to start to get to know who I'm with and (who is) going through the same things we all go through. If you're new, whether it's new to the Air Force or new to Robins, or even if you're not new, it's a great way to get to know people."

Susan Holmstrom, newlywed wife of Tech. Sgt. James Holmstrom who is in the 53rd Combat Communications Squadron, said being a part of the group has helped her stay connected in more than one way.

"I think it's an awesome network," she said. "We really rely on each other for a lot more than just companionship," she said. "We're all in the same situation, almost at the same time. Sometimes, the deployments fall on different squadrons at different times, but they all overlap. At one point in time, someone in our spouses' group is going through being without their spouse." 

What to know
The 5th MOB Spouses is a group open to wives and husbands of 5th Combat Communications Group members of all ranks. The group meets the second Monday of each month at various locations for dinner and other activities. For more information, contact Machele Morrison at 926-3223.