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Tag: Air Force Sustainment Center
  • Robins Frontlines: Salim Wilds

    Salim Wilds, 778th Civil Engineer Squadron firefighter, ensures emergency response readiness throughout the fight against COVID-19.The 778th CES dedicated firefighters and emergency personnel at Robins provide world-class fire prevention, suppression and emergency services to all of their customers. They remain on duty prepared to respond to
  • Robins Frontlines: Alicia Richardson

    Alicia Richardson, 78th Operations Support Squadron airfield management, is on duty ensuring that all takeoffs and landings at Robins can safely proceed without incident amidst the fight against COVID-19.For all You do at Team Robins … Thank You!
  • Robins Frontlines: Maurice Rogers

    Maurice Rogers, Robins Air Force Base Commissary, Produce Department associate, stocks shopping shelves with fresh produce amidst the fight against COVID-19.The commissary carries a wide variety of grocery items as well as fresh deli sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, sushi, baked goods and cakes available all day.For all you do at Team Robins … Thank
  • Robins Frontlines: Eric Yentzer

    Eric Yentzer, 572nd Commodities Maintenance Squadron aircraft mechanic, prepares the surface of a C-17 Globemaster thrust reverser shell for reassembly at the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex.The 402nd CMXG provides depot maintenance support to major weapons systems, primarily F-15, C-5, C-130 and Special Operation Forces (SOF) aircraft, through
  • Robins Frontlines: Gus Meyer

    In addition to ensuring their normal mission functions are carried out, the 572nd Commodities Maintenance Squadron, Fabric and Foam Shop, is making masks to keep base workers protected as they serve during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic.The 572nd CMXS which is a part of the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, manufactures and repairs a
  • Robins Frontlines: Tech. Sgt. Steven Ruiz-Garcia

    Tech. Sgt. Steven Ruiz-Garcia, 78th Operations Support Squadron air traffic controller, took the Air Force mantra of “service before self” to a whole new level with his actions in response to COVID-19.“As the pandemic hit, Tech Sgt. Garcia immediately activated his family care plan to first ensure that his family was taken care of so he could focus
  • Robins Frontlines: Airman 1st Class Faith Martrain

    Airman 1st Class Faith Martrain, 78th Medical Group pharmacy technician, prepares prescriptions for patients waiting at the clinic amidst the fight against COVID-19.For all you do at Team Robins … Thank You!
  • Robins Frontlines: Ashley Solomkin

    Ashley Solomkin, Pine Oaks Lodging, Guest Services representative, provides customer service at the facility amidst the fight against COVID-19. Pine Oaks remains committed to providing guests a good night’s rest and pleasant stay at Robins.For all you do at Team Robins … Thank You! 
  • AFSC Frontlines: Joseph Hobbs

    Joseph Hobbs, 572nd Commodities Maintenance Group sheet metal mechanic, inspects an F-15 wing for proper sealing prior to reassembly. Hobbs remains on duty amidst the fight against COVID-19.
  • AFSC Frontlines: Ruth Donato

    Ruth Donato, Robins Child Development Center pre-toddler lead teacher, cares for children throughout the fight against COVID-19.