Robins Frontlines: Tech. Sgt. Stephen O’Connor

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  • Robins Public Affairs

Tech. Sgt. Stephen O’Connor, 78th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Fuels Information Service Center section chief, plays a critical role for the East Coast’s largest fuels storage capability here at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. In his position, he oversees the accounting and fuel quality for 3.5 million gallons of aviation fuel and four different grades of ground fuel. Due to his subject matter expertise, O’Connor is able to assure the highest quality of fuel to support Team Robins, it’s 54 mission partners, and 24,000 Total Force Airman working together to support America’s defense.

Due to COVID-19, O’Connor has been challenged daily with ensuring that the 25 Airmen around him are taken care of during this unprecedented national crisis, while also ensuring mission needs are maintained. As a result, he leaned forward to create new operating procedures and schedules in order to minimize exposure for the flight’s Airmen. With a positive attitude and dedication to duty, O’Connor continues to lead and create innovative ways to safe guard his team while making the mission happen every day.

“Tech. Sgt. O’Connor is an outstanding leader with sustained superior performance and mission impact across five major commands and three wings,” said 2nd Lt. Matthew McKissack, 78th LRS, Fuels Management Flight officer. “His attention-to-detail and drive is a reflection of his outstanding performance and personal values. The Fuels Management Flight is privileged to have him leading the charge during this pandemic.”

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