Emerging Supervisor Development Program information briefings

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Robins is gearing up to embark on the fiscal 2016 cycle of the Emerging Supervisor Development Program with a series of informational briefings beginning Tuesday through Feb. 11.  

ESDP is a highly competitive Air Force Sustainment Center initiative used to develop future first-level supervisors who possess technical expertise and have demonstrated leadership competencies.  

ESDP affords high-potential employees the opportunity for formal and experiential leadership training prior to placement into a supervisory role.  

During fiscal 2015's inaugural cycle, Robins had over 900 employees from AFSC and participating associate units self-nominate for this leadership development program. After a dynamic rating, endorsement, and interview process 46 applicants were selected to participate. Selectees have 12 months to complete all training requirements and are scheduled to graduate in August.

For fiscal 2016 in addition to AFSC personnel, both Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and 461st Air Control Wing have opted to participate in the program. To ensure ESDP requirements, processes, and lessons learned are adequately socialized, the 78th Force Support Squadron Force Development Flight will host a series of supervisor and employee specific informational briefings.  

Attendance is highly encouraged for supervisors as they may be required to participate in the endorsement process and any employee who may be interested in self-nominating.  

Complete program information may be obtained from AFSCI 36-101, AFSC Civilian Leader and Supervisor Development Continuum. POCs have been appointed in each organization. 

For more information, contact your organization POC or FSS/FSD program managers at DSN 497-9163 or DSN 497-4887.

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