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  • Community Commons to bring central services

    There's no need to scratch your head wondering where to rent equipment for a special weekend excursion. If you've been seeking out the services of a camper, barbecue grill, lawnmower or boat, Outdoor Recreation is no longer located at the eastern end of Bldg. 914. It's now one street over in Bldg.

  • Misuse of government e-mail comes with hefty consequences

    Sometimes, good intentions lead to a bad outcome. That's especially true when it comes to sending email. Although many who have sent personally-motivated emails or have hit reply to all unnecessarily may have done so thinking they were doing the recipients a favor, the sender may have violated Air

  • One Airman's lesson on 'The Wall' in Afghanistan

    In Pink Floyd's song, "Another Brick in the Wall," it starts, "Daddy's flown across the ocean, leaving just a memory." According to Capt. Robert Brumfield, an operations officer with the 116th Security Forces Squadron, those words and a real life wall took on new meaning during his deployment to

  • AF chooses Robins to help boost Airman unity, overall well-being

    Airmen are no strangers to being put to the test, and the Air Force Team Cohesion Challenge is designed to provide them with exactly that. Earlier this year, Robins was one of 18 installations selected by the Air Force Personnel Center Directorate of Services to participate in the pilot program - a