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  • New process unique to Robins

    A new process for stripping paint from C-17s has been validated at Robins.Known as plastic media blasting, it's environmentally-friendly, and allows a more efficient way of removing paint from aircraft during programmed depot maintenance."This is unique to Robins, the fact we have the capability to

  • Management, Union ink commitment

    Base and local union officials signed a joint statement June 25 in which they agreed to "work together ... for the betterment of the Robins Air Force Base mission and all employees." The statement was developed during a meeting with the two sides and a representative of the Federal Labor Relations

  • JSTARS unit beefs up for disaster

    The 116th Air Control Wing Civil Engineer Squadron was selected among a group of Air National Guard CE units across the nation to take on an additional mission, bolstering disaster response in the Southeast United States.To meet the mission, the Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force, or Prime Beef

  • Furlough facility hours

    The following Robins facilities will have altered hours on Fridays during the upcoming furlough period._Airman and Family Readiness Center: closed except for emergencies_Base Information Transport Center (Mail Center): closed_Base Restaurant: closed_Base Restaurant Snack Bars: closed_Base Restaurant

  • VPP culture at Robins happens at home too

    The 78th Logistics Readiness Squadron's MOBAGS section has taken the installation's Voluntary Protection Program's Safe Site Challenge to an interesting new level.  The shop's eight members wanted to do something different in preparation for a June 14 Gold assessment by VPP team members.After

  • SecAF, CSAF to civilian workforce: We’re proud to stand beside you

    WASHINGTON (AFNS) - Acting Secretary of the Air Force Eric Fanning and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III send the following furlough message to the Airmen of the United States Air Force:As you all know, Department of Defense civilian furloughs begin this week. With few exceptions, our

  • AFMC/CC Independence Day Message

    Team AFMC,To mark the July 4th holiday -- our nation's 237th birthday -- many of us will get together for a cookout or to watch fireworks with friends and family. While we certainly look forward to those activities, we should also use the holiday as an opportunity to reflect on exactly why it is

  • AFSC/CC Independence Day Message

    On "America's Holiday" I can honestly say that there is no other country in which I'd rather live. Watching the news around the world, makes it very apparent how thankful we should be as Americans to enjoy the freedoms of our everyday lives. As we celebrate our hard fought independence this upcoming

  • Robins supports mission at Ogden ALC

    A total of 43 civilian personnel from Robins Air Force Base are currently providing support to the workforce at the Ogden Air Logistics Complex in Utah. "We sent personnel to Hill Air Force Base to be able to assist with their C-130 production machine," said Lt. Col. Jeffrey Martin, 402nd Aircraft

  • ‘Hot’ new technology prepares for incoming workload

    Robins will gain a second High Velocity Oxygen Fuel spray system as part of 573rd Commodities Maintenance Squadron production operations. The move is in anticipation of incoming workload, as well as demand for HVOF's versatile coating technology. While the new HVOF sprayer stands ready in a second