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  • Cooking class teaches art of healthy meal preparation

    When Master Sgt. Jeffery Gombos was an Airman living in a dorm and wanted to do a little cooking, ramen noodles were the go-to dish. It wasn't because he didn't know how to cook; he just didn't have a kitchen. Airmen in the dorms at Robins today have a kitchen, but ramen noodles, that classic dish

  • Robins Air Show brings crowd

    A suspect weather forecast didn't seem to do much to keep people away from the Robins Air Show held last weekend. An estimated 75,000 people attended each day, which is a little unusual because normally more people attend on Saturday. At the last show in 2006, 90,000 people attended on Saturday and

  • Army skydiving demonstration team more than a job

    Army Sgt. Aaron Figel didn't fulfill his boyhood dream of playing baseball in the Major Leagues, but he makes a living doing something he loves. Sergeant Figel, an Army Ranger, is one of 12 members of the Golden Knights, the Army's skydiving demonstration team that performed at the Robins Air Show.

  • Flightline defibrillator installation gives jump start to saving lives

    In one month last year, the 402nd Maintenance Wing lost two of its team members to heart attacks in the flightline area. It's no surprise then, that many employees began asking why the flightline didn't have defibrillators. It was the most common comment posted on boards set up as part of the unit's

  • Science studies prompt aquatic makerover, exploration

    Walking along the 5th and 6th grade hallway at Robins Elementary, you enter an underwater world where you feel you could get attacked by a shark or stung by a jelly fish. The students have transformed the area into a 3-D marina display showing land, beach, ocean and the ecology around a coral reef

  • Water restrictions continue despite recent heavy rains

    With the heavy rains in late March and early April, it is easy to forget that Middle Georgia, including Houston County and the immediate surrounding counties, remains under outdoor watering restrictions. Below average rainfall in 2006 and 2007 resulted in a drought that brought Georgia into the

  • White House taps Robins for prestigious Circle Award

    Robins has won the 2009 White House Closing of the Circle Award for its efforts to promote environmental improvement efforts. Base officials were notified of the award Monday, said Mark Summers, chief of the compliance branch in the 78th Civil Engineering Group here. The award is in recognition of

  • Robins sergeant earns Bronze Star medal

    Senior Master Sgt. Bobby Simmons Jr. of the 5th Combat Communications Squadron is a veteran of many deployments, but his most recent tour in Afghanistan was a little different. Sergeant Simmons worked as a mentor for Afghan troops, and in addition to finding it rewarding, his efforts earned him a