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  • Robins team combats worker’s compensation fraud

    In an attempt to reduce fraudulent injury compensation claims, the Directorate of Personnel's Workforce Effectiveness Division here is intensifying its investigative efforts. "We have people out here who are legitimately hurt and our job is to take care of those folks and make sure they get all the

  • Base employs robotic water jet cutter to cut sheet metal

    When Bernard Stevens started working in the Sheet Metal Manufacturing Flight in 1979, most of the sheet metal was cut with a band saw. Today, that work is done by a 3 Axis CNC robotic water jet cutter, a high-tech piece of equipment that cuts sheet metal precisely with a tiny stream of water and

  • Local union, Center partner for CFC

    Base and union leadership often work together to improve working conditions and the effectiveness of Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, but now they are working together to help those in need. Maj. Gen. Polly Peyer, commander of the Center, and Tom Scott, president of the American Federation of

  • Local energy campaign to target workspace vampires

    For the typical person working at Robins, conserving energy is sort of like voting. One person alone might not make much difference, but one person in concert with many others can bring about dramatic change. "What we've found is that each one of us can't do very much alone," said Art Howard, energy

  • WR-ALC Initiatives: Creating success through process innovation

    With budgets tightening throughout the Air Force, leadership is looking for ways to do more with less, including relying on process innovations to provide major improvements to the way things are done - improvements to increase warfighting capabilities while saving taxpayer dollars. "You can't just

  • Airman Magazine duo captures depot mission to share successes

    Members of the 402nd Maintenance Wing will want to be sure to snag a copy of the January/February issue of Airman Magazine when it arrives because they just might find themselves in it. A reporter and photographer from the magazine spent three days at Robins visiting many of the wing's work areas.

  • Composite Repair Flight keeps aircraft bodies in shape

    Keeping an older car in pristine condition often requires the services of a good body shop, and when it comes to the C-5 and C-17 cargo planes, the Composite Repair Flight at Robins helps fill that role. The flight works on damaged composite panels that make up portions of the body of the planes.

  • Robins EAP offers help to civilian employees in crisis

    When speaking to a group of Robins employees recently, Jamie Tillit asked how many of them had heard of the Employee Assistance Program. She didn't see many hands go up. With the time of year at hand when a rash of suicides occurred in 2008, Tillit wants people to know that there is free help

  • DoJ prosecutes first-ever tenant-landlord dispute under SCRA

    A Virginia landlord fought the law and the law won. When the landlord failed to return prepaid rent and security deposits to Col. Deborah Bean, 78th Air Base Wing vice commander, she was in violation of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. The landlord was prosecuted by the Department of Justice,

  • Control Tower tests emergency egress system

    Airman 1st Class Shantelle Small stood on the catwalk outside the Robins control tower and studied the device that would soon take her on a seven-story drop to the ground. She didn't like what she saw. "Oh my God," she said. "That does not look fun at all." Small was looking at a Baker Life Chute, a