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  • 9/11: We haven’t forgotten; our resolve is intact

    It’s been 15 years.  Fifteen years since a group of terrorists used four commercial airliners to attack some of America’s most iconic buildings, killing thousands of innocent people in the process.   They set out to destroy what they saw as symbols of American wealth and power. They hoped to shake

  • Making Progress: 78th clinic renovations move to next phase

    Things are slowly taking shape as renovations continue inside and outside Bldg. 700, home to the Robins Medical Clinic.  The $29.5 million restoration and modernization project has reached the halfway point, having just wrapped up the second of four phases this past July. The second phase involved

  • A Plane of a Different Color: Who knew paint could do so much?

    Painting a C-130H with a new glossy paint scheme doesn’t happen very often in the Corrosion Control Flight at the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex. Most of the time its professional cadre of aircraft painters spray on the customary flat gray color familiar on many a surface of weapon systems that