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  • AFSOC workload progressing right along

     A year ago this month, plans were in the works to take on an ambitious workload that would cement an exciting partnership between Air Force Special Operations Command and the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex.  The plan: In fiscal 2016 perform programmed depot maintenance on six aircraft – three

  • Pitching it forward

    Base Wing command chief, showed off his skills on the mound Sunday, as he delivered the ceremonial first pitch at the North Carolina vs. Tennessee Little League SoutheasternRegion Softball Tournament game.North Carolina won the game 9-2 and went on to win the championship game against Virginia to

  • Focus on Resiliency: On-call clergy now available for crisis counseling

    A sign of strength is asking for help. When it comes to taking care of people and saving lives, it’s understood this mission is a top priority across the Air Force.Comprehensive Airman Fitness focuses on targeted programs and activities that build and sustain a thriving and resilient Air Force,

  • Base Gives Strong performance during Unit Effectiveness Inspection

    During the last two weeks of July, Team Robins people and organizations were able to demonstrate their commitment to compliance during the intense scrutiny of the Unit Effectiveness Inspection. Robins pulled down nearly 100 Outstanding Performer and Team awards collectively during the inspection

  • Mission Possible -- Pilots, crew relive absolute speed record

    In 1976, it was a different time. The Cold War with the Soviet Union was in full swing and Americans were standing in line to buy gas. That year was also the country’s bicentennial birthday. To celebrate, officials decided to attempt to break some records with an aircraft known as the Lockheed SR-71

  • Battle Management member wins Acquisition Excellence award

    A member of the Battle Management Directorate is the winner of the Outstanding Air Force Acquisition Manager Award (Lieutenant Colonel or Major) in the Acquisition Excellence and Leadership Awards for fiscal year 2015.Lt. Col. Christopher J. Kadala, Joint STARS branch chief and materiel leader,

  • SR-71 Blackbird

    Maj. Gen. Eldon “Al” Joersz, USAF pilot retired, front, and Lt. Col. George “GT” Morgan, USAF retired reconnaissance systems officer, sit inside the cockpit of the SR-71 aircraft they flew when setting the world absolute speed record for jet-powered aircraft on July 28, 1976. The two were at the

  • Success Here = Success There: U.S. Forest Service to receive C-130

    What started out as an aircraft used by the Coast Guard will soon end up in the hands of the U.S. Forest Service. A C-130H that has been maintained by the 560th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is in its final stages of programmed depot maintenance here, having just wrapped up functional test