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  • Robins hosts MacDill refuelers

    For the next several weeks, Robins will host members of the 91st Air Refueling Squadron from MacDill Air Force Base, Fla. Part of the 6th Air Mobility Wing, 6th Operations Group, three KC-135s from MacDill's fleet will be temporarily stationed here due to current reconstruction of the base's runway

  • Base leaders continue to discuss ways to save energy

    About four years ago, Robins started an energy awareness and conservation program which has achieved positive results. Attendees at a recent Energy Forum here highlighted the program's efforts, discussing what has worked and what hasn't in planning a way ahead for energy reduction.About 40 attendees

  • Robins update on early retirement/separation incentives

    Base officials said today that more than 1,200 civilian employees have applied for voluntary early retirement and voluntary separation incentives offered as part of recent Air Force and local civilian workforce restructuring initiatives. The base conducted an initial round of VERA/VSIP in the fall