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  • Personality Profile - KiKi Andico

    KiKi Andico, an automation clerk for the 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Wing, is first person to be profiled in a series of videos spotlighting workers at Robins and the hard work they do in support of the warfighter.Click on the link on the right to watch the video. 

  • Local AFMC org changes explained

    Responsibilities and reporting changes are occurring throughout Air Force Materiel Command as part of its transition to a five-center construct in response to a challenge from the Department of Defense to find efficiencies and save tax dollars. At Robins, those changes include several AFMC

  • Stormwater study identifies areas of improvement

    Robins recently conducted a basewide stormwater drainage study to identify and develop solutions to its existing drainage system. The study, which began in 2008, identified 10 priority areas across the base which, upon completion, will eliminate or reduce flooding by storm waters, particularly on

  • IMAs step up for critical workload

    There are many roles to fill in the Air Force Reserve - from the traditional reservist to the Air Reserve technician. One role in particular is that of the Individual Mobilization Augmentee. Their efforts provide an invaluable resource that supports virtually every mission in the Air Force. The IMA

  • Renovations mean better service at On Spot Cafe

    The On Spot Cafe is cooking up changes to the restaurant, aimed at keeping customers happy. The café, which opened as part of the Robins Bowling Center in 1964, is receiving new floors and new walls to enhance, upgrade and modernize the eatery. A reorganized cooking line with new equipment was

  • Weatherbird software maintained at Robins

    The next time you're watching the weather and get reports on the latest hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico, know the information is supported by local experts.The Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer, also known as Weatherbird software, is maintained by a team here. The team also

  • Final C-130 shelter on schedule

    Construction of the final C-130 shelter here began last week and is scheduled to be completed in August. The shelter will be fully enclosed beginning in October, according to Henry Scheuermann, 402nd Maintenance Group Facilities Engineering Section industrial engineer. Each will include 30 overhead

  • Backup generators can power entire base

    Should power ever be completely lost across the base, two powerful combustion turbine engines at Robins stand ready to supply power as needed. Placed in operation in 1995, the combustion turbine plant here houses two backup generators, each capable of producing 90 megawatts of electricity. The plant

  • Robins designated StormReady

    Robins has been designated "StormReady" by the National Weather Service. The base is the first military installation in Georgia, second in Air Force Materiel Command and ninth in the Air Force to earn the designation, which is given to communities which demonstrate they are prepared to safely react

  • Forging the way for new C-5 end fittings

    A new aluminum alloy and forging are being used for bulkhead end fittings on C-5 aircraft during programmed depot maintenance at the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex.Not only have critical cracking issues on the end fittings been solved, but the new process saves time, money, man hours, and