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  • Visiting team gets inside look at the art of combat communications

    Haithe Anderson, Air Force Space Command Museum program manager, arrived at Robins July 19 with a team of three civilian artists.The visit is one of two Air Force Space Command-hosted U.S. Air Force Art Program visits. One visit is to the 689th Combat Communications Wing here, the other is to

  • Wet sanding technique to save time, reduce hazards

    Instead of recreating the wheel, Mario Largaespada thought it would be better to borrow from it.In his previous career in the fiberglass industry, Largaespada, 573rd Commodities Maintenance Squadron paint shop supervisor, saw mechanics using wet sanding techniques that could be used here. "I

  • Maintainers retrieve ‘stab’ from Arizona

    Earlier this year, a Robins test-flight crew made the unusual move of flying a C-5 directly from a maintenance depot to the retirement yard in Arizona.The retired plane flown to Arizona had been here for programmed depot maintenance, but maintainers discovered it had a mainframe crack that would

  • DBIDS registration deadline suspended

    The July 31 deadline for registration in the Defense Biometric Identification System has been suspended due to connectivity problems with the system.A new deadline will be established once those issues have been resolved.DBIDS registration was initiated at Robins in February. Since then, the 78th

  • HVM improves maintainers’ readiness for C-130s

    Although implementation of High Velocity Maintenance in the C-130 section is still in its infancy, a key feature of it is already having a big impact.The technical term for it is "supportability." It encompasses everything that is involved with being ready to meet each task to be done on an aircraft

  • Robins works to get new lean, mean fire trucks for Air Force

    Air Force bases later this year will begin using a new type of smaller, "more lethal" fire truck - and it came about with the close involvement of Robins personnel.Program management of all Air Force fire trucks is done through the Aerospace Sustainment Directorate's Support Equipment and Vehicles

  • Airmen to participate in "Ruck March to Remember"

    78th Security Forces members will participate in a unique event to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.The 2,181-mile Ruck March to Remember began July 12 at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas and will end Sept. 1 at Ground Zero in New York.The march is broken into 15 legs, with

  • Maintenance leaders discuss challenges, future improvements

    Pentagon officials and leaders from maintenance depots across the Department of Defense attended a Peer-to-Peer Conference here earlier this week. They gathered to discuss current issues facing the department's maintenance community, including what can be done to improve the efficiency of operations

  • Plant fire damages estimated at $1.6M

    A July 13 fire at Bldg. 352, an industrial waste dewatering facility, caused major damage to equipment and the facility.Preliminary estimates put the total damage at $1.6 million with $1.25 million of that attributed to a severely-burned sludge press. The building damage estimate was set at

  • Collaboration nets major safety results

    It looks like a war room, and in theory that's exactly what it is. With charts, A3 sheets and posters gracing the walls, and computers lining several rows of tables, the Workplace Safety and Health Team members fight to make sure Robins achieves and sustains OSHA compliance and ensures work force