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  • Senior leaders set goals for ALC

    Senior leaders of the Warner Robins Air Logistics and the Air Force Global Logistics Support centers participated in a Lean event last week to develop plans for realizing the WR-ALC vision of being: "A World-Class Center of Acquisition and Sustainment Excellence." The first order of business was to

  • Reserved parking for carpoolers a possibility

    In the near future, employees at Robins could find themselves in reserved parking spots fit for a VIP. All they have to do is find a couple of people to ride to work with them. To encourage carpooling, and thereby free up other parking spaces, the 78th Air Base Wing is planning to dedicate a number

  • Robins team answers C-5 mayday call

    A team of mechanics at Robins recently completed an impromptu emergency repair to help a C-5 Galaxy complete its mission. The C-5B from Dover Air Force Base, Del., stopped at Robins to load equipment for a mission overseas, which included transporting a classified load. It could not take off,

  • Chromate extraction makes paint process safer, easier

    Preventing corrosion on aircraft is a top priority of the Air Force, and for many years hexavalant chromium has helped the service win that battle. The substance is used in the conversion coat, which is applied before the primer to help the primer and paint stick to the aircraft. It's also used in

  • AFPC to stand up Robins operating location

    A portion of the Directorate of Personnel here will realign under the Air Force Personnel Center on May 1, but no one outside the directorate should notice any difference. The realignment is part of an initiative to create AFPC "operating locations" at the Air Force's five large civilian centers,

  • Section sets record for injury-free workdays

    Records are made to be broken, but one Robins shop has done such a good job they may be the only ones who can break their own record. For 1,147 consecutive days, the 78th Civil Engineer Group's Hazardous Waste Operations Section has not sustained a lost workday injury. "It's very commendable,

  • Former NFL coach speaks at Robins

    Dan Reeves, longtime NFL coach and well known for his Christian faith, had a "drug problem" as a child, he told those gathered Tuesday for the National Prayer Luncheon. "My mom and dad drug me to Sunday school; they drug me to church; they drug me to Wednesday night prayer meeting," he said. "Every

  • Improved process gives bladders seal of approval

    Just by his name, Lyndon Baines Johnson, you knew he was destined to do some good. Johnson, a 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group Fuel Cell Repair Shop mechanic, took it upon himself to help solve an OSHA citation. The citation centered around the process of repairing and replacing an aircraft fuel