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  • E-tools gives support personnel access to digital data

    For decades, whenever an aircraft mechanic at Robins needed a technical drawing, technical order or any other document related to a repair, he had to traipse over to a warehouse, locate the drawing and return to the aircraft. That process would typically be completed many times over the course of

  • 653rd CLSS inactivates amidst heritage celebration

    Starting with Vietnam and ending with Iraq and Afghanistan, the White Knights of the 653rd Combat Logistics Support Squadron have traveled the globe to repair major damage on aircraft in combat zones. But their storied 42-year history came to an end Wednesday with an inactivation ceremony.

  • First validation aircraft for HVM arrives at Robins

    The aircraft that will be validating the new High Velocity Maintenance program just arrived at Robins Friday, but the HVM process started months ago. The C-130 Hercules is the first Air Force aircraft to undergo validation for the new maintenance process. HVM is designed to shorten the time the