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  • Morale system undergoes changes

    The Air Force has a new system that will help ensure deployed Airmen get voice-to-voice time with their loved ones. The Automated Health and Morale System is a personal identification number-based program generated at Air Force headquarters that makes calling home from the deployed location easier.

  • Robins Riders pays tribute to fallen comrades

    Few of us envision men and women choking back tears when we picture a group of motorcyclist cruising down the highway with a police escort. But on May 16, members of the Robins Riders, the base motorcycle group, could be found choking back tears as they participated in their annual Memorial Day

  • ROBINS UNPLUGGED: Base leadership unveils energy savings campaign

    When it comes to dollars and sense, most of us are frugal with money spent on energy at home. However, when the bill doesn't come to you directly, it's harder to take a penny-wise approach. With energy costs rising and a mandate from the President to decrease usage, members of the base need to be

  • NCOA will be missed by base and local communities

    Not long after celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Robins NCO Academy will close it's doors permanently. The school inactivates Tuesday, one of several academies that has closed or is closing as part of the Air Force's cost-cutting measures. Although the base will mourn the school's inactivation,

  • RNCOA leaving behind a historical legacy

    The Robins NCO Academy is leaving behind not only a history of high professional military education standards, but also the footprints of community support, as the school prepares to inactivate Tuesday. The school, which has graduated more than 67,000 NCOs in its lifetime, has a rich and storied

  • 330th ASW gets new leadership

    Col. Tim Freeman asumed command of the 330th Aircraft Sustainment Wing May 9, replacing  Col. Terence Szanto.

  • Storms affect community, Robins pitches in to help

    The Air Force not only helps destroy America's enemies, it also helps those people in need. Team Robins did just that this weekend. While the majority of the local population was awaken ed by strong thunderstorms May 11, several people in Macon were seeking shelter from tornadoes and disastrous

  • Talon Flight takes up fight against cancer

    Cancer touches every one in some way or another. Cancer touched so many lives in the Talon Flight of the 580th Aircraft Sustainment Group, the flight decided to stand up and say "enough." "We are taught to be aggressive in the name of the warfighter. This time we are fighting our own war against

  • Retired Air Force nurse to speak at luncheon

    Marie Berry will be the guest speaker at a luncheon at the Museum of Aviation. The presentation is titled "One Step Closer To Home - The War Through the Eyes of a Nurse at Landstuhl Hospital." Mrs. Berry, served as specialty care section chief at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. During

  • 101 Critical Days campaign to help base personnel remember safety

    While summer can be a fun time, it can also be a time when people are at a higher risk for injury and even death. According to the Air Force Safety Center, there were 19 fatalities Air Force wide during the 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign, which typically runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day