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  • Electronic Warfare warriors defend the digital divide

    When it comes to television, many of our tubes will be obsolete in February of 2009, as TV takes a step into the digital age. However, according to members of the Electronic Warfare Lifecycle Management, Group, TVs aren't the only devices that need to make the jump into the digital age--Electronic

  • Robins energy effort more than just conservation measures

    When it comes to conserving energy Team Robins has heeded Commander Kill A Watt's conservation message, but members of the energy team want the community to know they aren't just the "energy police." The energy team has been working on numerous initiatives outside of the conservation realm to ensure

  • Center Small Business Program earns SAF Special Achievement Activity Award

    The Warner Robins Air Logistics Center has proven it can work well with small businesses to meet warfighting customers' needs through its Small Business Program. Maj. Gen. Polly A. Peyer, WR-ALC commander, recently presented members of the WR-ALC Small Business Office with commander coins in

  • AN/MSN-7 Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower keeps skies safer in theater

    Ensuring a safe flying environment can be challenging for air traffic controllers, especially at a Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources Base. The Air Force is coupling some of its state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of its combat communications professionals to meet this challenge. Most

  • Motorcycle campaign targets awareness, mutual respect

    At Robins, one motorcycle accident, on-or off-base, is one too many. For that reason, the base is implementing the "See Me, Save Me" motorcycle awareness campaign. It's an initiative aimed at educating automobile and motorcycle drivers alike about mutual respect and awareness on roadways. Col. Debra

  • 566th EMXS flight uses AFSO21, VPP to earn Pinnacle Award

    The 566th Electronics Maintenance Squadron's Avionics and Instruments Flight, formerly known as the N-1 Gyro Shop, had been doing business as usual for years. After taking a look at their process through the lenses of Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century and the Voluntary Protection

  • Historical flight could lead to a future less dependent on foreign oil

    Team Robins made history Aug. 19 during an afternoon test flight of an F-15E Strike Eagle. The test flight was like none other before as the fighter jet embarked on its first flight using synthetic fuel. The flight ended Tuesday as Retreat signaled the end of another work day, but for those lucky