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  • 78th AMD's Public Health Flight ensures food safety

    With the holidays upon us, food is likely to be abound in the work areas and at festivities around the base. Before people at Robins can serve up their favorite homemade or even store-bought edible goodies, they are advised to contact the food safety experts in the 78th Aerospace Medicine

  • DOD program turns troops into teachers

    After 27 years in the Air Force, it might seem like a difficult adjustment to go from leading Airmen to leading eighth graders, but for Chris Shumway, the same principles apply. "It's really a lot like dealing with Airmen," Mr. Shumway said in describing his job teaching math at Feagin Mill Middle

  • Riders participate in basic safety course

    The temperatures are dropping and so is the price of gas, but the numbers of people wanting to ride motorcycles to work at Robins continues to rise. In bitingly cold weather, the Basic Rider Safety Course was held this week in a location considerably more visible than normal. Due to work being done

  • Limited, no notice inspections ahead for Robins AFMC units

    Air Force Materiel Command units at Robins could be inspected with limited or no notice beginning January 2009. Limited notice will vary from three to 14 days, and no notice is considered zero to two days advance notification. This will apply to unit compliance, operational readiness and logistics

  • Provisional comptroller, contracting squadron stand up

    As Lt. Col. Christopher Rogers listened to President-elect Barack Obama's acceptance speech on election night, he couldn't help but think of his own challenge ahead as commander of a new squadron at Robins. Colonel Rogers decided to borrow Mr. Obama's themes of "hope and change" for the newly

  • Requirements Symposium helps Center, industry meet needs

    Hundreds of company representatives from around the country were in Perry this week for the 6th Annual Requirements Symposium. The symposium, held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds Nov. 19-20, began with presentations from top leaders at Robins regarding the future needs of the base. The purpose

  • Robins honors Native American history and heritage

    Starting a small fire ordinarily wouldn't amount to much of a spectacle, but the way Scott Jones does it drew a mesmerized crowd at an event held Nov. 5. Using only two pieces of wood, a string and some cedar-bark shavings, Mr. Jones quickly managed to get a fire started, wowing about a dozen people

  • Robins plays key role in Open Skies Treaty

    Several times each year, a strange sight occurs out on the runway at Robins. In the distant sky, a plane similar to a Boeing 727 passenger jet appears on approach. When it lands, curious maintenance workers on the flightline notice a peculiar thing - Russian writing on the side of the jet. After

  • F-15 maintainers work to replace faulty longerons

    In hangars on the Robins flightline, F-15 Eagle fighter jets can always be found in varying states of disassembly. Removing and replacing parts is something that's done every day here. But some parts, like a longeron, are never meant to be removed. A team from Robins was tapped in June to figure out