Robins to reduce long distance calling capabilities

  • Published
  • By Holly Birchfield
  • 78 ABW/PA
The 78th Communications Squadron did a data call several months ago during which Robins units verified the phone numbers needing direct dial long distance service. Starting June 1, the 78th CS will turn off direct dial long distance capabilities from all phone numbers that were not identified by units as needing the service.

First Lt. Rory Tibbals, officer in charge of telephone services in the 78th CS, said the change comes as the Air Force continues to call for cuts in funding for various services.

"We are cutting back on unnecessary long distance calling," he said. "All units on Robins that are serviced by the 78th Communications Squadron (are being affected)."

Lieutenant Tibbals said Robins expects to reduce long distance calling capabilities from 19,500 lines to about 7,000.

In its efforts, Robins anticipates it will reduce the potential for fraud, waste and abuse, in addition to long distance calling where DSN calling is available, the lieutenant said.

Telephone control officers who have been assigned to manage their units' communications needs have been validating their units' need for long distance calling capability since February.

Lieutenant Tibbals said the cost savings measure is necessary.

"In the past, it had been standard procedure to give direct dial long distance capabilities with every telephone extension," he said. "However, with the availability of DSN as well as toll free to most large businesses, it's no longer necessary for every telephone to have direct dial long distance."