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  • Exploring history at the Tubman Museum

    The color on the front of the building is edo or yellow, a color found in West African structures, according to Andy Ambrose, executive director.The 49,000-square-foot structure is home to African American art, history and culture. It also regularly hosts school-aged tours complete with reenactors

  • Wynn Dining serves up a taste of home away from home

    Between 400 and 500 airmen come through the doors of Wynn Dining Facility daily. And although it's the staff's mission to ensure the troops get their three squares, they choose to go a step further to make everyone feel like family.It's rare that facility manager Connie Treco doesn't hug nearly

  • Visitors control center is gateway to Robins

    The Visitors Control Center is the first stop people who aren't affiliated with the base make before being allowed to enter through the gates.It's for that reason Tech. Sgt. Michael Garza, NCOIC of passes and registration, pushes his employees to maintain a high level of customer service.Because

  • Just because you can flush it, doesn't mean you should

    They're wreaking havoc on our sewage systems.While some wipes are labeled as flushable, there's little evidence that wipes break down in the sewer system like toilet paper.When wipes are flushed, they can easily get clogged in pipes and pumps where other items that shouldn't be sent down the drain

  • Cancer Prevention Awareness briefing Wednesday

    Robins' Civilian Health Promotion Services will host an educational briefing on cancer prevention Wednesday from 1 to 2 p.m. at Bldg 301 Fitness Center Annex.During the month of February, Air Force Materiel Command is promoting its Cancer Prevention Awareness campaign.The goal of the campaign is to

  • There's more than one way to a healthy heart

    A healthy heart doesn't come by exercise alone.Ensuring heart health involves a combination of regular exercise and the right diet.Marita Radloff, Health and Wellness Center registered dietitian nutritionist, said including whole grains like 100 percent whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat

  • Ditch the habit: Robins joins Great American Spit out Feb. 19

    Whether you smoke or chew, tobacco is a habit that's bad for you.Smokeless tobacco - commonly called chew, snuff or spit - is as addictive as smoking, and contains chemicals known to cause cancer and add to the negative outcomes of a long list of other health issues, said Stuart Bapties, Health and

  • Base kicks off Black Heritage Observance

    February is Black History Month and Robins Air Force Base is set to celebrate its diversity.The theme of this year's observance, which is being hosted by the Team Robins Diversity Council, is "Hallowed Grounds: Sites of African American Memories."  According to committee members, the annual

  • Intramurals offer team building, physical training alternative

    Intramural sports are alive and well at Robins. On average, 120 to150 people participate in each of the sports that are offered. Those offerings include basketball, soccer, flag football, golf, softball, indoor volleyball, racquetball and bowling. A varsity men's and women's basketball league

  • Robins fitness centers offer equipment, classes to boost heart health

    Robins Air Force Base ID cardholders don't have to join a local gym to get heart healthy.The Fitness Center, located in Bldg. 826, and the Fitness Annex, located in Bldg. 301 East Wing, Bay H, offer workout equipment, classes and programs to boost one's cardio fitness without the gym membership